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What Are The Characteristics Of Mineral Fiber Ceiling?

Jan. 20, 2020

Nowadays, everyone pays special attention to the problems of decoration of houses, especially the problems of decoration materials. Now, we will first introduce to you a material used in decoration, called mineral fiber ceiling. Certainly many people don't know what It is a mineral fiber ceiling, including what advantages it has, as well as some detailed information about the mineral fiber ceiling. Then, please take a look with the supplier of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board.

1. Features of mineral fiber ceiling products

(1) The mineral fiber ceiling uses good mineral wool as the main raw material, 100% does not contain asbestos, does not appear needle-like dust, does not enter the body through the respiratory tract, and is harmless to the human body. The use of composite fiber and net-structure base coating greatly improves the impact resistance and deformation resistance.

(2) The internal structure of the Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile is a three-dimensional cross-mesh structure. The internal space is sufficient and the structure is strong, which greatly improves its sound absorption and noise reduction capabilities, which is 1 to 2 times higher than the ordinary mineral fiber ceiling sound absorption effect. Adding moisture-proofing agent and auxiliary moisture-proofing agent inside, not only increases the surface fiber resistance, effectively stabilizes the cement, maintains the strength of the board, and can adjust the indoor humidity and improve the living environment.

(3) Nano antibacterial agents flood the inside of the board, which can effectively prevent mold, sterilize, and inhibit bacterial regeneration, which greatly increases the scope of application and enables it to be used in aseptic environments that require antibacterial and sterilization.

(4) The addition of rare earth inorganic composite materials makes the surface of mineral fiber ceilings active, can strongly adsorb and decompose toxic substances such as formaldehyde generated during the decoration process, and has the chemical properties of an ion exchanger, effectively increasing the concentration of oxygen ions in the air Greatly improved living space.

(5) The expansion of perlite with fire protection and heat insulation is added to effectively reduce the cost of cooling and heating, which meets the needs of people in the new era for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

2.Main advantages of mineral fiber ceiling

(1) The introduction of advanced Japanese-style production technology for mineral fiber ceilings, adopting European green and environmental standards for testing and monitoring, and the introduction of a European-style Italian light steel keel production system. The main raw material mineral fiber is refined for recycling steel slag.

(2) The added organic fiber is a processed and recycled product that is used for recycling old newspapers for recycling. It is 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances to the human body. Wastes from processing and old ceilings that complete the product life cycle can be recycled (up to 79% of recycled materials), effectively reducing construction waste and avoiding environmental pollution.

(3) The impact on the environment during the production of mineral fiber ceilings is negligible, and the main release during the production process is steam. The main function of mineral wool is sound absorption and noise reduction, which can effectively eliminate harmful noise, reduce fatigue and eliminate irritability.

(4) It can adsorb and decompose toxic and harmful gases, and can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in indoor living space. Adsorption includes excess water in the air, effectively improving the living environment. The strong reflective ability of mineral wool can effectively improve indoor light, protect eyesight and eliminate fatigue. High reflectivity can indirectly reduce the power consumption cost, which can reach up to 18% to 25%. The good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance of mineral wool can maximize the cost of cooling and heating, and can reduce the cost of up to 30% to 45%.

These are the characteristics of the mineral fiber ceilings introduced by Glasswool Acoustic Panels supplier.

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