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How is the Construction of Mineral Wool Board Ceiling?

Feb. 03, 2020

Speaking of the construction process of mineral wool board ceilings, the installation steps and processes are similar to those of other materials, except that the material of the final installed mineral wool board is different. The mineral wool board ceiling still needs to pay attention to various details during the installation process to ensure its installation Quality, so how to construct a mineral wool board ceiling? The supplier of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board will bring you the construction technology of suspended ceiling of mineral wool board for your reference.


Construction process of mineral wool board suspended ceiling

The controllable elevation of the smallpox, the axis plane laying, combined with the floor ground laying and wall pillar laying are carried out together. The level release line and plane control line are drawn from the wall, cylinder 500 line and axis, and the ceiling is designed to form the overall shape of the elevation and plane. This work is to create conditions for the next step, and to the existing ceiling situation , Such as a review of air ducts, water pipes, electric pipes, structural beams and columns.


Mineral wool board suspended ceiling construction process 2. Ceiling boom installation

According to the ceiling design elevation, the elastic line along the wall column surface is used as the standard line for ceiling installation. The boom can be made of steel bars with a diameter of 8mm. During installation, one end of the steel bar with the appropriate length is overlapped with the sleeve screw. The length of the overlap weld is not less than 3.5cm. The exposed length of the thread at the end of the boom should not be less than 3cm. The other end of the angle iron is welded, and a 10mm hole is opened on the angle iron to install an 8mm expansion screw. Determine the elastic line of the hanging point according to the large sample drawing, and recheck the hanging point distance. The hanging point distance is 1000 to 1200mm. At the lifting point, an impact drill can be used to drill a hole in the floor of the floor corresponding to the lifting point, and the 8mm expansion bolt with the boom installed at the lifting point can be fixed at the lifting point.


Mineral Wool Ceiling Ceiling Construction Technology 3. Keel Installation

When installing the base keel, the base keel should be connected to the suspender with a hanger, and the screws should be fastened. The base keel extension can be connected with a post body. After installation, the keel of the grass roots should be leveled, and the height of the arch of the ceiling should be taken into consideration not less than one-200th of the short span of the room. The main keel delivered will be fixed to the base keel through the hooks delivered, and the sub keel delivered will be directly stuck in the buttonhole of the main keel.

 Mineral Wool Ceiling Ceiling

Mineral Wool Ceiling Ceiling

Construction process of mineral wool board ceiling 4. Installation of mineral wool board

After the keel is installed and accepted, the installation of mineral wool board should be started. Wear gloves during installation to keep the mineral wool board clean. After the installation is completed, check the overall ceiling installation quality and remedy the details until the installation quality is completely satisfactory.


The above is the construction process of the mineral wool board ceiling brought by the Fiber Glass Ceilig Board manufacturer. I hope to help everyone.

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