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Production Process of Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Feb. 10, 2020

Mineral fiber ceiling is a recyclable green building material with good sound absorption performance. So do you know the production process of mineral fiber ceiling? The following is the brief introduction of the Sound Absorption Ceilling Board supplier.


1. The production process of mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels is relatively complicated. There are several types of wet-laid wire netting, wet round wire netting, dry-laminating and molding, and semi-drying methods. Most manufacturers use Wet process. Our company's automatic production line for mineral wool sound-absorbing panels is imported from Japan's advanced production technology. It adopts wet long wire netting to form, through pulping, long wire netting, dewatering, slitting, drying, slitting, spraying and finishing. Wait for the completion of the whole process of wet process production in two steps. First, the various raw materials are mixed and processed into a substrate board, and then decorated.


2. Processing of substrate

Put a certain amount of mineral wool into the container and stir with water to separate the cotton from the slag ball. The slag ball sinks to the bottom. Mix the additives such as adhesive, waterproofing agent, etc. into a slurry according to the mixing ratio, and then form it on the long net copy machine. During the process, the slurry is filtered into water, vacuum-water-absorbed, and extruded into a blank of a certain thickness. After cutting, it is dried to form a mineral wool substrate.


3. Decorative processing

Blind hole processing: The semi-finished products are rolled to form impermeable holes of different sizes and shapes to increase the sound absorption effect, and then the edge processing is performed, coloring, and drying are finished products. Processing of grooved plates: Blind hole plates are processed into vertical and horizontal grooves by special milling machines, or circular, milled, colored, and dried. Processing of printing plates: semi-finished products are coated with pre-matched paint through the template on the printing machine to print various patterns, and the patterns can also be sprinkled with fine sand and then dried. Processing of embossed plates: After the semi-finished product is colored, various patterns are pressed out by a press equipped with embossed plates, and then made by cutting and tenoning. The relief plate is made by a professional factory, and the processing cost is high.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile 

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

In addition, T Bar For Ceiling Panel Factory can also popularize the principles of environmental protection and energy saving of mineral fiber ceilings:

Mineral fiber ceiling is a common building material, which has the ability to resist impact and deformation, and is recognized as an environmental protection and energy saving building material.

1. The internal structure of the mineral fiber ceiling is a three-dimensional cross-mesh structure. The internal space is sufficient and the structure is solid, which greatly improves its sound absorption and noise reduction ability, which is 1 to 2 times higher than the ordinary mineral fiber ceiling. Adding moisture-proofing agent and auxiliary moisture-proofing agent inside, not only increases the surface fiber resistance, effectively stabilizes the cement, maintains the strength of the board, and can adjust indoor humidity and improve the living environment.


2. Nano antibacterial agent floods the interior of the board, which can effectively prevent mildew, sterilization, and antibacterial regeneration, which greatly increases the scope of application and enables it to be applied to aseptic environments that require antibacterial and sterilization. Adding rare earth inorganic composite materials makes the surface of mineral fiber ceilings active, and can strongly adsorb and decompose toxic substances such as formaldehyde generated during the decoration process. In addition, it has the chemical properties of an ion exchanger, effectively increasing the concentration of oxygen ions in the air, greatly improving living space, adding expanded perlite with fire protection and heat insulation functions, effectively reducing cooling and heating costs, and meeting the needs of people in the new era. Demand for energy saving and consumption reduction.


The above is the production process of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile.

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