Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Product details

Transportation and storage

1. Steel corner is necessary at the touch point of the rope and the board box, so that can avoid damage of the box.

2. Support the mineral wool sound absorption board with wooden structure that is higher than 15cm when the board is put on the ground. The distance to the wall should be more than 40cm.

3. Please pay attention to the warnings on the box in transportation and storage.

Cycle and reutilization

Mineral fiber, the main raw material, contains recuperated slag, the organic fiber is recuperated newspaper. The recuperated materials do not contain any asbestos, formaldehyde and other venenous and noxious substance.

The scrape during manufacturing and old ceiling board can reused(the reusing rate can reach 79%) which decreased the builders rubbish and avoids the environment pollution.

Green production process

The production process accords with the standard of environmental protection. The main released substance during production process is steam.

Green application

The main function of mineral wool board is sound absorption and noise reduction which can help to ease oneself and abate the noise.

The mineral wool board can absorb and disassemble poisonous substance, increase the density of negative oxyanion effectively and help us to build a foresting cities.

Absorbing the excess moisture and improve the living environment.

The strong reflected ability can improve the indoor sunlight, protect the vision and ease oneself.

Energy saving and consume decreasing

The high reflectance of mineral wool board can decrease the electric power cost indirectly. The rate can reach 18%-25%.

The performance of heat preservation and heat insulation can decrease the costs of refrigeration and heating greatly and the rate can reach 30%-45%.

Patterns:Pin hole fine fissured,dune surface,sand textured,customized
Material:Wet formed mineral fiber
Surface:Vinyl latex
Size:595*595mm, 603*603mm, 603*1213mm, 600*1200mm, customized
Edge:Square, Tegular, Micro, Concealed
Fire Resistance:Class 0/ Class 1-BS 476
Light Reflentance:0.80-0.95
Humidity Resistance(RH):80%-95%
Environmental protection:Non-asbestos, NO formaldehyde

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