Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board


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Product details

Material: Hot dip galvanized steel strip, with zinc coating mass at least 80-120g/square meter

Surface: Varnish baking, beautiful appearance

1. The main and cross tee are strictly symmetrical and closely matched.

2. Strong carrying capacity with no deformation and no broken.

3. Easy installation - saving installation time and reducing labor costs.

4. Complete model specifications to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Product nameSpecificationThickness
 T32 FLATMain Tee32*24*3600mm






Cross Tee26*24*1200mm
Cross Tee26*24*600mm
Wall angle22*22*3000
T38 FLATMain Tee38*24*3600mm
Cross Tee26*24*1200/600mm
Wall angle22*22*3000
32(Narrow flat)Main Tee32*15*3600mm
Cross Tee32*15*1200mm
Cross Tee32*15*600mm
38(Narrow flat )Main Tee38*15*3600mm
Cross Tee38*15*1200mm
Cross Tee38*15*600mm


Ceiling grid introduction

It is very similar to the aluminum alloy keel in appearance, and it is also a commonly used material on the ceiling. Its function is the same as that of the aluminum alloy keel. It is also used for aesthetics and plays a supporting role. It is matched with calcium silicate board and mineral wool board.


1. The keel is moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and anti-fading from the durability.

2. The precision of the product is very high; the connection is very tight so that carrying capacity of the ceiling grid is strong.

3. It is not easy to be deformed, and it gives people a lot of protection.

4. The installation method is convenient, saving much time for installation, and reducing the labor cost for the household owner.

5. The decoration of the keel is good, which can satisfy the selection of most consumers' colors.

Main functions

Used with mineral fiber board or pvc plaster board to support and fix whole structure. 


Where can ceiling grid be used?

In recent years, it has been widely used in hotels, terminal buildings, passenger stations, stations, theaters, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, renovation of old buildings, interior decoration, ceilings and other places.


T-GridFlat  T24Ceiling GridMain Tee3600mm/3660mm32mm24mm
T-Grid Flat   T24Ceiling   GridLong   Cross Tee  1200mm/1220mm  26mm  24mm
T-Grid Flat   T24Ceiling   GridShort   Cross Tee  600mm/610mm  26mm  24mm
T-Grid  Wall   Angle  3000mm  22mm  22mm

How to use

1.Elastic line

2.Installing expansion bolt and sticker

3.Installing the main tee

4.Installing the long cross tee

5.Installing the short cross tee

6.Installing the mineral fiber board

7.Installing bead

8.Brush antirust paint

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