Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Product details

Manufacturing process

The production process of mineral wool decorative sound absorbing panels is relatively complicated. At present, there are mainly wet long net copying, wet round net copying, dry laminating and molding, semi-drying, etc. Most of the current manufacturers adopt wet process. It is formed by wet long net copying, through pulping, long net copying, dewatering, slitting, drying, slitting, spraying and finishing.

Transportation and Storage

1. Steel corner is necessary at the touch point of the rope and the board box, so that can avoid damage of the box.

2. Support the mineral wool sound absorption board with wooden structure that is higher than 15cm when the board is put on the ground. The distance to the wall should be more than 40cm.

3. Please pay attention to the warnings on the box in transportation and storage.

Patterns:Pin hole fine fissured, dune surface, sand textured, customized
Material:Wet formed mineral fiber
Surface:Vinyl latex
Size:595*595mm, 603*603mm, 603*1213mm, 600*1200mm, customized
Edge:Square, Tegular, Micro, Concealed
Fire Resistance:Class 0/ Class 1-BS 476
Light Reflentance:0.80-0.95
Humidity Resistance(RH):80%-95%
Environmental protection:Non-asbestos, NO formaldehyde

Mineral fiber ceiling board

Mineral fiber ceiling board generally refers to mineral fiber decorative sound absorbing panels. It is made of granulated cotton as the main raw material and added with other additives by high-pressure extrusion cutting. 

It does not contain asbestos and has good fireproof and sound-absorbing properties. The surface generally has a variety of pores, commonly known as caterpillars and other patterns, the surface can be painted with a variety of color paste, usually white is the most used.



  1. The mineral wool board is made of high-quality mineral wool as the main raw material.It is 100% asbestos-free and does not have needle-like dust. It is no harm to the human body.

  2. The use of composite fiber and mesh structure base coating greatly improves the impact resistance and deformation resistance.

  3. The internal structure of the mineral wool board has a three-dimensional cross-network structure, and the internal space is sufficient and the structure is firm, which greatly improves the sound absorption and noise reduction capability.


Main functions

 1. Sound absorption: The mineral wool board uses mineral wool as the main raw material,mineral wool has developed micropores, when the sound waves       hit the surface of the material, some of which are reflected back, some are absorbed by the plate, and some pass through the plate into the back     cavity, greatly reducing the reflection and noise.

 2. Noise reduction: The mineral wool board is a porous material, which consists of a number of micropores, which reduce the reflection of sound         waves, eliminate echo, and isolate the noise transmitted by the floor.

 3. Fire resistance: Raw material mineral wool is not flammable, thus effectively preventing the spread of fire.


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