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What Are The Advantages Of Glass Fiber Glass Panels?

Jan. 13, 2020

Fiber Glass Ceilig Board uses high-quality glass ultra-fine fibers and natural basalt mineral fibers as raw materials. These two materials are currently recognized as thermal insulation materials in the world. The product has constant humidity, which can effectively isolate the temperature and humidity between indoor and outdoor peaceful coexistence rooms. Different products can be designed according to the needs of different places, which not only saves you energy but also guarantees environmental comfort.

Fiber Glass Ceilig Board

Fiber Glass Ceilig Board

Glass fiber glass plate product characteristics: Glass fiber glass plate is often used in the wall and roof partitions, can effectively block indoor or outdoor noise, and at the same time can play a thermal insulation function. How to control the indoor sound and reduce the harm caused by noise to people has become an issue that more and more designers are considering.

1: sound insulation

Most people understand sound insulation as long as they block outdoor noise. Reverberation refers to the fact that the source has stopped and the sound continues, and it may be mixed with other sounds to make you inaudible. For example, it is necessary to resolve such reverberations in buildings, exhibition halls and other places. Installing fiberglass glass panels on indoor walls or suspended ceilings can solve such problems well. Now in the course of their injection, designers are increasingly choosing to use glass fiber glass plates for places with sound insulation, noise control and sound absorption requirements.

2: non-combustible

Glass fiber is composed of rock fiber and is a non-combustible substance. The glass fiber glass plate from the substrate to the decorative surface is tested by the state agency, and the fire rating is A level (non-combustible).

3: Thermal insulation

It can well block cold death and prevent heat loss, thereby reducing the influence of the outside world on indoor temperature, balancing the indoor temperature difference, and making people feel like spring in all seasons. Used in air-conditioned places, it can save energy more effectively.

4: moisture resistance

Glass fiber does not absorb moisture in the air, has excellent moisture resistance, and can maintain stability from size to flatness in any humid environment. General process of mineral wool sound-absorbing panels need to prevent sag, glass fiber glass panels can not be said to prevent, it can be said that there is no sag.

5: Decorative

The surface of the ceiling is stylish and white is soft and comfortable. In addition to its excellent performance, its decorative effect is more contemporary and closer to international trends.

6: Scrub resistant

The surface layer of glass fiber glass plate made of special material can be used for a long time. The surface can prevent dust from adhering, has strong moisture resistance, and the color does not fade for a long time. Regular cleaning can keep the surface tidy.

7: Environmental protection

Glass fiber glass plate is a new type of pollution-free green building material with anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties. The product is recyclable.

8: Convenience and security

Sound Absorption Ceilling Board installation does not require protection measures, there will be no fiber pollution to the environment, and the construction site is clean. It can be installed by metal keel, which can be exposed or hidden. The board material is very light and is used in large-span buildings such as stadiums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other places. Easy to install and convenient for future maintenance and replacement. The glass fiber glass plate has a series of ceilings, modeling plates, glass fiber glass plates, and black glass fiber glass plates.

The above are the advantages of the glass fiber glass panel introduced by the Mineral Fiber Ceiling supplier, and I hope to help you.

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