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Why Is Glass Wool Board A Reliable Building Material?

Jan. 06, 2020

Why is glass wool board a reliable building material? In fact, we can understand that many people have many considerations when choosing building materials, such as carefully considering its type and materials, so that they can be more convenient when using them, and now there are so many in the market one argument is that glass wool board is very good.

The corrosion resistance of Residential Constructions Glass Wool Panel is higher, because many working environments are relatively harsh, and the corrosion is also severe. If the glass wool board selected is particularly weak, it must be used. It will also be easily damaged, which will cause more trouble for later use. At the same time, the quality of glass wool board is very light, so its friction will naturally be eliminated a lot, which can extend its life time very long. In this way, after you choose a batch of glass wool board, you can still use it Long.

Glass Wool Panel

Glass Wool Panel

Secondly, the thermal expansion and contraction of the glass wool board is very small, which means that after the glass wool board is installed, its shape will never change due to the temperature.

1. Functional analysis. No matter the basic function of the glass wool board is to achieve cooling and heating, however, different glass wool boards can be used according to the fresh air system, so that the glass wool board is changed to ensure the freshness and cleanness of the air. At the same time, Glasswool Acoustic Panels can also achieve sound absorption.

2. Comfortable. The glass wool panel has a large area and fresh air, which is not easy to cause temperature dead angle and temperature difference, and the outdoor temperature is smooth. However, the glass wool panel has a small air outlet space, which cannot prevent the temperature dead angle.

3. Appearance. Glass wool board integral disc springs cannot avoid damaging most of the decoration styles of the house, and glass wool boards use a deep installation method, which can be well combined with living decoration to adapt to all styles.

4. Energy consumption. The glass wool board is equipped with several integral disc springs. If they are opened at the same time, the energy consumption is very high, which is not much different from the glass wool board. In addition to this, because the energy consumption of the central air conditioner in the home can be divided and controlled, compared with the case of a large house, the energy consumption of installing a glass wool board is not much different from the integral disc spring. The larger the house, the better the glass wool board will save. energy.

5. Cleaning costs. Glass wool plate integral disc springs are easy to clean. Generally speaking, only the filter element needs to be cleaned easily and often. In the case of glass wool panels, the ease of cleaning must be separately identified. The glass wool board recommends that you clean the glass wool board of the fluorine system easily, and you only need to clean the filter element easily, while the glass wool board of the water system needs to clean the pipe from time to time. It is difficult and expensive to achieve.

6. Initial investment. Compared with the initial investment of glass wool board and integral disc spring, the central air conditioner in the home is much higher.

7, useful life. The service life of glass wool board is around 20 years, and the integral disc spring is around 9 years.

So what I said from above is why glass wool board is a reliable building material. The above is why the glass wool board introduced by the Sound Absorption Ceilling Board supplier is a reliable building material.

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