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Owing to glass wool’s good performances, e.g., thin and long inner fiber, low thermal conductivity, it can stop air flowing and heat transforming. Meanwhile, it can quickly reduce the transportation of sound to make effects of insulation and sound-absorption. Centrifugal glass wool is divided into glass wool boards and blanket. It was the best material used for the insulation and sound absorption of steel structures. It mainly includes bare blanket and blanket with foil-clad covered . They are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping centers, cold stores and a variety of indoor playground, sports grounds and other buildings.

Glass wool board is processed by putting the thermosetting binder into the glass wool, by pressing and heating, and then, by curing.They are widely used for insulation, ventilation and the adjustment of air-conditioner in commercial industry and residential constructions. Meanwhile, they have the effect of energy-saving insulating, sound-controlling and improving the indoor air quality.

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