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Product details

MaterialFiber Glass
Applicationheat insulation, iron air conduct, building and construction project, air conditioner, refrigeration equipment, damping, sound absorption and noise reduction, boilers, reaction vessels, tanks, ducts, high temperature workshop and chemical industries, so on.
Size volume weight: 30-100 kg/m3 thickness: 30-100mm inner diameter: 22-1220m
Temperature range450C
Heat Conduct Coefficient0.045-0.032 W/mk
IncombustibilityQualified Grade A
Packingstandard plastic bag or as your design


Glass wool pipe introduction

Glass wool tubes have excellent corrosion protection, insulation, heat insulation and weather resistance. They are commonly used in underground burial and other harsh environments. They are also used as conduits for cold water and hot materials.



Primary advantages

First of all, the ultra-fine glass wool tube can achieve a variety of functions, it can achieve the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation, sound absorption.

The ultra-fine glass wool tube also has good water resistance and better chemical stability. We all know that some chemical materials lose their stability in high temperature environments, but this material is not.

It achieves a longer service life when used, has better corrosion resistance, and it also has outstanding performance in aging resistance, and it is environmentally friendly.


Main functions

The glass wool tube has sound absorption and noise reduction, which can effectively prevent resonance. The material is lightweight and easy to install. Antibacterial, anti-mild, anti-aging, anti-corrosion characteristics to ensure a healthy environment. The glass wool pipe has good performance of low hygroscopicity, stable physical properties, low thermal conductivity, strong thermal insulation, Class A1 fire protection, permanent non-combustible, anti-extrusion, strong impact resistance and so


Where can (insert product title here) be used?

ü  Glass wool products are widely used in defense, petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, refrigeration, transportation and other industrial sectors. They are industrial equipment, transportation and various kinds of pipes, storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, fans and vehicles. Excellent insulation, insulation, cold insulation and sound absorbing materials for buildings.


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