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The Development Of The Insulation Building Materials Market Is Promising

Sep. 23, 2019

Find here details of Cold Stores Glass Wool Panel on our website. Today we would like to talk about the development of the insulation building materials market is promising.

Under the general trend of global energy conservation, the standards for building energy efficiency are also constantly improving. According to experts' prediction, China's building energy-saving insulation project will increase substantially within 10-20 years, and the thermal insulation building materials market will also show very good development prospects. Faced with this development trend, it has undoubtedly created opportunities for the development of new insulation materials. Focusing on the research of new environmentally-friendly building materials, Global Volkswagen breaks the tradition and launches new, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly thermal insulation building materials, which leads the industry in the forefront of the industry.

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With the development of society, the requirements for insulating building materials are getting higher and higher, not only requiring good energy saving, environmental protection, heat preservation effect, but also having good fire resistance such as non-flammability to enhance the safety of buildings. The new insulation building materials created by Global Volkswagen fully meet this standard, and have good energy saving, environmental protection, heat preservation and fireproof characteristics, and are widely favored by the construction industry.

The following three points are shared by professional Low Density Mineral Wool Ceiling Manufacturer:

1. Insulation. According to relevant information, Global Volkswagen's new steam-free aerated brick building materials have unparalleled thermal insulation. Its thermal insulation effect is 4 times that of clay bricks and 3 times that of cement hollow bricks, so it can greatly improve the comfort of housing. Degree, let the occupants prefer the living environment; and in the hot summer, cold winter, can greatly reduce the running time of air conditioning, helping people save 30-50 power consumption. It can be seen that the new building materials of Global Volkswagen not only have high-efficiency insulation effect, but also fully reflect the energy-saving effect.

2. Fire resistance. Due to the occurrence of a fire incident, this has led people to put forward higher requirements for the houses they live in, not only to be able to shelter from wind and rain, but also to have good fire resistance and protection from fire. Global Volkswagen deeply understands the needs of people in this house and understands the importance of fire resistance to the safety of residents, so that the new building materials have good fire resistance and will not be burned, which fully guarantees the safety of the house.

3. Environmentally friendly. Global Volkswagen uses waste materials such as cement, powdered ash, sand and aeolian sand as raw materials to make effective use of waste materials, avoiding waste of resources, and the new building materials made from these raw materials will not emit any harmful gases. Fully in line with environmental requirements.

It can be seen from the above that under the momentum of good development of thermal insulation building materials, Global Volkswagen has increased research on new building materials, and has integrated insulation, fire prevention and environmental protection. It can lead the industry trend and promote the rapid development of the industry.

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