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What Decoration Materials Are There In The Living Room Ceiling?

Sep. 11, 2019

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Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

At the time of home decoration, the decorative requirements of the ceiling are getting higher and higher, so the types of ceiling materials are also increasing to meet the requirements of the ceiling design style. Next, Thermal Isolation Glass Wool Factory will introduce you to several common living room ceiling decoration materials. Living room ceiling-gypsum board The gypsum board in the ceiling material is made of plaster and plaster as the main raw material. Adding additives and fibers, the advantages of gypsum board are obvious: light texture, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, easy to adjust the shape and so on. advantage. However, gypsum board also has its shortcomings, and gypsum board is more prone to cracking and deformation than other materials. Gypsum board is used in our home ceiling decoration.

Living room ceiling - splint

The splint in the ceiling material is also called plywood, and the plywood is used extensively in the decoration of the ceiling. Plywood has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, good flexibility, light weight, strong impact resistance, easy processing and insulation. Plywood can easily produce a variety of styles such as curved, square, and round during the decoration process, which can easily meet the various shapes of the ceiling. However, the disadvantage of plywood is that it is easily destroyed by termites.

Living room ceiling - stained glass

Stained-glass in the ceiling material. This glass material has a variety of colors and patterns. At the same time, lighting facilities can be installed inside, which has good light transmission. However, the glass material is generally used in a small part of the ceiling and some local decoration, and the decoration of the stained glass is generally decorated together with the light steel keel gypsum board or plywood. This will make the overall ceiling look more beautiful and more decorative.

Living room ceiling - Bonnie Glass

The Bonnie glass fiber material in the ceiling material has the advantages of sound absorption, moisture resistance, fire prevention, anti-sag, antibacterial, heat, and environmental protection. Bonni fiberglass is economical, with a non-directional surface texture and simple and generous. Due to these characteristics of Bonnie glass fiber, it has become more and more suitable in the current ceiling decoration. The market potential of Bonnie fiberglass materials is enormous.

Living room ceiling - pvc

The pvc material in the ceiling material is also used in the decoration of our ceiling, but the scope of use is small. The advantage of pvc material is that it is cheap and easy to construct. Its shortcoming is that its modeling function is weak and its service life is short. It is rarely used in the decoration of our daily home ceilings. There are still a lot of ceiling materials, and I hope that the above will help everyone.

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