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What Are The Commonly Used Materials For The Ceiling Board?

Oct. 08, 2019

When the house was renovated, the ceiling board was the most important. The quality of the ceiling board affects the adornment effect of whole room directly. Accordingly, when decorating, we must choose the ceiling board that has quality to assure. Now the material of ceiling board is different each, the quality that USES different material ceiling board is different, what is the commonly used material in accordingly ceiling board? Here I introduce what material is commonly used on the ceiling board for everybody, choose different material according to need in adornment process.

The first kind of drywall. Gypsum ceiling board with gypsum and gypsum as the main raw materials, made of additives and fibers. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and saw cutting. Generally used 600600 specification, with clear and dark bone, keel is usually aluminum or iron. Living room, bedroom, study and other areas are available.

The second type of splint. Plywood has the material light, high strength, good elasticity, good toughness, anti-impact, anti-vibration, easy to process, finishing, insulation and other advantages. It can also easily create various shaped ceilings, such as curved, round, square, but the disadvantage is that it is afraid of termites.

The third kind of shaped aluminum strap gusset plate. Most home decorations no longer use this material, mainly because it does not resist dirt and distortion. Square painted aluminum buckle ceilings are used in kitchens, toilets and other areas that are dirty and damp. It is the mainstream product at present.

The fourth kind of stained glass. The ceiling board is patterned and can be illuminated internally, but is usually only partially decorated. If the finish is a light steel keel gypsum board ceiling or plywood ceiling, when the surface is painted, the joints are sealed with gypsum powder, then sealed with kraft tape, and then painted on the bottom.

The fifth kind of drywall. There are many kinds of drywall. The plasterboard commonly used on the market has 4 kinds: common, ivory white core, ash paper, this is the most economic and the commonest breed. Suitable for use without special requirements. Continuous relative humidity not more than 65%. Waterproof, core and tissue already waterproof. According to the requirement of national standard, the paper face of waterproof plasters board and core must satisfy certain waterproof requirement (surface bibulous rate does not exceed 160 grams, bibulous rate does not exceed 10%), water durability plasters board applies to the place that continuous relative humidity does not exceed 95%, wait like toilet, bathroom.Refractories, refractories and a large amount of fiberglass are added to the core. If you cut the drywall, you can see a lot of fiberglass in that part.

Dune surface mineral ceiling board

Dune surface mineral ceiling board

The sixth kind of mineral wool board. Mineral wool board is made of mineral fiber cotton. The biggest characteristic is it has good sound absorption and heat insulation effect. The surface has knurling and embossing effect, such as stars, caterpillars, cross flowers, central flowers, walnut grain, stripes and so on. Mineral wool board can sound, insulate and prevent fire. Any product is free of asbestos and formaldehyde, is harmless to human body, and has anti-sag function. If you are interested in mineral wool board ceiling, you can visit our website. Our company has Mineral fiber ceiling for sale. There are a variety of product models for you to choose, such as Dune surface mineral ceiling board, Sand textured mineral ceiling board, and you can also customize.

Above is I introduce about ceiling material for everybody, hope to have help to you. If you want to know more or interior decoration, please pay attention to our website, you can check our main products, believe our products are a good choice for decoration.

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