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Mineral Wool Board Performance

Oct. 22, 2019

The mineral wool board is made of slag wool as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of additives, after being compounded, formed, dried, cut, surface finished and sprayed, without asbestos, formaldehyde-free, heat-insulating and sound-proof, moisture-proof, and is an environmentally friendly product. 

Mineral wool board color has caterpillar mineral wool board, Gypsophila mineral wool board, rain ice flower mineral wool board, Milan flower mineral wool board, pinhole mineral wool board, Tianyi star mineral wool board, stellar mineral wool board, Jingyuxing Mineral wool board, Zhimeixing mineral wool board, Changmeixing mineral wool board, perforated mineral wool board, glacier mineral wool board, three-dimensional block mineral wool board, sixteen mineral wool board, high sound-absorbing board, veneer mineral wool board, paste Fiberglass cloth mineral wool board, ice box mineral wool board and sandblasted mineral wool board and other colors.

Mineral wool boards are mainly used in hotels, cinemas, dance halls, office buildings, shopping centers, airport stations, factories, hospitals, home decoration and other public buildings. Mineral Fiber Ceiling are often seen. The mineral wool board decorative sound absorbing panel has good sound absorption, can improve sound quality, reduce noise, and has good non-combustible performance to meet the fireproof design requirements of various types of buildings.

Fiber Glass Ceilig tile for Hotels

Fiber Glass Ceilig tile for Hotels

Mineral wool board has entered thousands of households, so what are its unique product features?

1.Excellent decorative effect. The mineral wool sound absorbing panel has a colorful flat roller flower pattern and embossed, three-dimensional shape, which has both classical beauty and fashionable atmosphere, and is truly refreshing.

2. Good thermal insulation performance. The mineral wool sound absorbing panel has a low thermal conductivity and is a good thermal insulation material, which can make the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, and effectively save energy for users.

3. Sound absorption and noise reduction. The main raw material of the mineral wool sound absorbing board is ultrafine mineral wool fiber with a density of 200-450Kg/m. Therefore, it has abundant micropores, which can effectively absorb sound waves and reduce sound wave reflection, thereby improving indoor sound quality and reducing noise. In order to reduce noise, there are also Fiber Glass Ceilig tile for Hotels.

4. Safe and fireproof. Because mineral wool is an inorganic material, it will not burn, and the organic content in the mineral wool sound absorbing panel is very low, so that the mineral wool sound absorbing panel meets the non-combustible B1 level requirements, and our company's products can already meet the non-combustible A grade requirements.

5. Green and environmentally friendly. The mineral wool sound absorbing plate does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and its active group can absorb harmful gases in the air. Its microporous structure can absorb and release water molecules, thus purifying the air and regulating the indoor air humidity. 

6. Moisture proof, insulation. Because the mineral wool sound absorbing plate contains a large number of micropores, the specific surface area is relatively large, it can absorb and release water molecules in the air, and adjust the indoor air humidity. It can be said that the mineral wool sound absorbing plate is a decorative plate that can breathe. The main constituent materials of the mineral wool sound absorbing panels are mineral wool and starch, which are all insulating materials. Therefore, the mineral wool sound absorbing panel is an insulating decorative material.

7. Easy to cut and easy to decorate. The mineral wool sound absorbing panel can be sawed, nailed, planed, bonded, and can be cut with a general wallpaper knife, so no noise is generated when cutting. It has a variety of hoisting methods such as flat stickers, inserts, open shelves, dark frames, etc. It can be combined with different artistic styles of decorative effects. Home users can make their own decoration, let them freely play their own imagination, which is also in line with modern people. I am happy to decorate my own space.

The above is about the performance characteristics of mineral wool board. If you are interested in mineral wool board, you can contact us. We are a professional Mineral Fiber Ceilings Manufacturer with high quality and will surely satisfy you.

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