Rock Wool Panel

Rock Wool Board

  • Rock Wool Board

Product details


1. Density: 50kg-200kg

2. Length:600/1200/1000mm
3. Width:630/600mm
4. Thinckness: 30mm-100mm

Features and Advantages

The products have higher strength and better elasticity. The folded rock wol board with certain compression resistance has greater drawing strength, and it does not tend to peel off and has greatly improved durability.


Elastic mid-strength rock wool board: used for heat preservation, fireproofing and sound absorption for the building wall/roof, such as curtain wall, inner wall partition and elevator hoistway, etc.

High-strength rock wool board: used for various high/low temperature conditions, with good weight-bearing ability and compression-resistance, specially suitable for heat preservation and heat insulation for large ships, tanks, ovens,pipelines and other industrial facilities.

Compression-resistant rock wool board: used for roof heat preservation of airport lounge and large workshop as it could bear huge loads.

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