Rock Wool Panel

Rock Wool Blanket

  • Rock Wool Blanket
  • Rock Wool Blanket

Product details

The product is elastic, light weighted and could be rolled up and folded. Its bulk density 60kg/m3-120kg/m3, thickness 30mm-100mm, Width 1000mm and length 1000mm-5000mm.


Simplex felt: with fine heat insulation property and sound absorption effect it is applicable to big sized pipelines, constructed wall and roof.

Fiber glass cloth sewed felt: it is applicable to big-span industrial facilities and building structures. It is breaking-resistant and facilitates construction. It also has dust-proof function when being used on constructed wall.

Aluminum foil felt: It is especially suited for circular pipelines, small equipment and pipelines of air conditioning systems. It often used for heat preservation of walls of buildings with light steel structure as it facilitates the construction. It has better functions of water-proof, dust-prof, dust-proof and heat insulation and could reduce liquid drop along pipelines.

Metal mesh sewed felt: it is suitable for conditions with great shake and high temperature. The product is often recommended to be used for heat insulation material on boilers, ships, valves and large-sized irregular pipes.

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