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What Material Is Mineral Wool Board Made Of?

Dec. 03, 2019

At present, the competition in the ceiling market is fierce. The decorative materials used for ceilings are Sound Absorption Ceilling Board, paper plasterboard, aluminum gusset, PVC gusset, etc. Paper gypsum board is not easy to deform and has strong processing performance. In addition, rich gypsum resources and low price make gypsum board an important material to replace wood, which is especially suitable for use in home decoration.

Mineral wool board, as its name implies, is a decorative board made of mineral wool, which has significant sound absorption performance. In fact, it also has many other superior properties, such as fire resistance and heat insulation. Due to its low density, it can process a variety of exquisite patterns and patterns on the surface, so it has superior decorative properties. Mineral wool is harmless to the human body, and waste mineral wool sound-absorbing boards can be recycled as raw materials for recycling. Therefore, mineral wool sound-absorbing boards are a healthy, environmentally friendly, and recyclable green building material.

1. Noise reduction: Mineral wool board uses mineral wool as the main raw material, and mineral wool has well-developed micropores, which reduces acoustic reflection, eliminates echoes, and isolates the noise transmitted between floors.

2. Sound absorption: Mineral wool board is a material with high quality sound absorption performance. When used for interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate can reach 0.5, suitable for offices, schools, shopping malls.

3, sound insulation: effectively cut off the noise of each room through the ceiling material to create a quiet indoor environment.

4. Fire resistance: Mineral wool board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material. It will not burn when a fire occurs, thereby effectively preventing the spread of fire. The biggest advantages of mineral wool board are good sound absorption, outstanding fire resistance and low quality. Most of the mineral wool sound-absorbing boards are used as ceiling decoration materials. In fact, they can also play a good role as wall decoration materials. The above is what mineral wool board is.

The method of ceiling suspended by mineral wool board: Because Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile has a lot of superior properties, it is usually used for ceiling construction of living room. When the ceiling of living room is used, it usually starts from the needs of distinguishing functional areas and hiding light source settings. . The following three types of mineral wool board ceilings are used: If the living room has a relatively high space, you can choose mineral wool boards for the ceiling operation of the living room. The horizontal ceiling method can reduce the noise of the ceiling. Ideal choice.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

The hollow ceiling method of mineral wool board refers to making ceilings around the living room, but not in the middle. This type of ceiling is simple in shape, can increase the visual level, and also meets the purpose of minimalism. Install spotlights or appropriate parts of the ceiling It is a downlight that can distinguish functional areas by light. The layered ceiling method is to slightly thicken the ceilings around the living room, while the middle part is made extremely thin, thereby forming two distinct levels. This type of mineral wool board ceiling method is suitable for living rooms with rich levels. You can pay special attention to the shape design of the surrounding ceilings, and integrate intolerant design elements to coordinate with the atmosphere of the entire living room, so as to achieve a harmonious and harmonious visual effect.

Mineral wool sound absorption board is mainly used in conference halls, libraries, concert halls, high-end hotels, gyms, hospitals, office buildings, production workshops and other places with sound absorption requirements. With the improvement of people's quality of life, residents' homes have their own "home theaters", which have new requirements for sound absorption and decorative effects of home decoration. Therefore, mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels have become a popular home decoration for residents. Materials have gradually entered ordinary people's families. In addition to mineral fiber ceilings as sound-absorbing ceilings, Fiber Glass Ceilig Board are also available.

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