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What Exactly Is A Mineral Wool Panel Ceiling Said By A Decoration Worker?

Dec. 10, 2019

Mineral wool board, also known as Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile, its main raw material is mineral fiber cotton, does not contain asbestos, and there are no regular holes or micro holes on the surface. Due to the characteristics of this material, it has good sound absorption ability. It is widely used in the raw materials of acoustic ceilings. Mineral wool board material has sound absorption ability. When the noise upstairs is very loud, we will choose to install a soundproof ceiling on our ceiling. At this time, the decoration company may recommend you a raw material building material, that is, mineral wool board. This material may not be well understood. This kind of floc made from slag and organic materials through a series of processes has no harm to the environment and is a new type of environmentally friendly building material. The supplier of the Sound Absorption Ceilling Board will from its composition and characteristics, ceiling installation process and three aspects of this material introduce the mineral wool board.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

1. Mineral wool board is mainly made of mineral fiber cotton. Mineral fiber cotton is a floc that is slag and organic matter melted at high temperature and then thrown out by an ultra-high speed centrifuge. There are many irregularities on the surface. The micropores make it have knurling and embossing effects, and have excellent decoration. Due to its porous nature, it can reduce the reflection of sound waves and eliminate echoes, and its noise reduction is very good; this building material also has good sound absorption capabilities, and Fiber Glass Ceilig Board has the same sound absorption effect. When the sound wave hits the surface of the material, in addition to a small part is reflected and absorbed, there is also a part that directly passes through the material itself to the back cavity, and the sound reverberation time is reduced. To the extreme, the average indoor sound absorption rate can reach more than 0.5, so there is a large market in soundproof ceiling building materials. In addition to these factors becoming decoration building materials, there is another very important reason is that it has good fire resistance. During the decoration process, fire resistance is very important, and mineral wool does not have the ability to burn. There is a fire around, and it will not burn, so it can prevent the spread of fire and is an ideal fireproof home improvement building material.

2. Installation process of mineral wool board ceiling

Let's briefly talk about how the mineral wool board ceiling is installed. The first step is to clean up the grassroots. In this step, we must ensure that the grassroots is flat and free of impurities to facilitate subsequent construction and installation. Then according to the design The elevation line is used as the standard line for the ceiling; then the boom is installed. Firstly, the embedded parts of the boom must be laid, anti-rust paint should be applied, and the embedded parts can be welded when the boom is installed. Attention should be paid to the installation of the main keel, first of all, to avoid the position of the lamp, and secondly, to lift the keel 1/200 according to requirements, and to maintain its flatness; The concealment inspection has been carried out. After passing the inspection, the installation of the mineral wool board is completed, and finally the construction acceptance can be done. Mineral wool board does not contain harmful substances.

3.Benefit analysis

Having said all this, what are the advantages of mineral wool board? The biggest advantage is its environmental protection type, because it is made from slag and recycled old newspapers, which is equivalent to turning waste into treasure, and it does not contain substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment, such as formaldehyde. Reuse through reprocessing. When the indoor humidity is high, it can also effectively absorb excessive moisture in the air and improve the living environment.

The above is the introduction of mineral wool board, do you understand?

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