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What Is Glass Fiber Glass Plate?

Nov. 26, 2019

A lot of materials are used in the decoration of houses, and some places also use glass fiber glass plates. This material is relatively popular. Glass fiber glass plate materials have good decorative effects and are used in the current market for their economy. The durability effect is remarkable. In the current market, the use of this superior fiberglass glass plate material fully exerts its ideal application effect in architectural applications. The material that has good application effect and has a good appearance in the building and can also play a role in sound insulation and noise reduction is this practical fiberglass glass plate material. So everyone is better to first see what are its characteristics, or related knowledge, then what is the glass fiber glass plate? What are the characteristics of the glass fiber glass plate? Next the Sound Absorption Ceilling Board supplier will introduce it to you.

First, what is glass fiber glass plate?

1. Glass fiber glass plate, generally can be used for soft-covering the base layer, and then covered with cloth, leather, etc., can be made into beautiful wall and ceiling decoration. It has a wide range of applications and has the advantages of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, and flame retardant. Good insulation properties have made it suitable for radar enclosures. At the same time, it is also a good anti-corrosion material, and has been widely used in the chemical industry.

2. Fiber Glass Ceilig Board has the advantage of strong plasticity. We can flexibly design a variety of products with different structures according to needs in order to meet different requirements for use and make products have better performance. By choosing the right materials to meet the performance of the product, we can finally design excellent products that are corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, have high strength in a certain direction, and have good dielectric properties.

Fiber Glass Ceilig Board

Fiber Glass Ceilig Board

Second, the characteristics of glass fiber glass plate

1. Glass fiber glass plate is an inorganic non-metal material with excellent performance. There are many types. The advantages of glass fiber glass plate are good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength.

2. It has the characteristics of sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardant and environmental protection. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good processability.

3. Plywood with glass rods adhered to the surface of the glass fiber board is manufactured under high temperature and pressure, and its outer surface has high quality moisture resistance.

This board is suitable for the manufacture of containers. In terms of size, the board width can reach 3658 mm, and the board length can be any size, up to 12 meters. The content of glass fiber is 25-40% by weight. Standard colors are gray and sub-white.

4. The main raw materials are low-alkali cement and alkali-resistant glass fiber. They are non-metallic materials that are easy to produce and obtain. The production process requires less and is environmentally friendly. It can also be used as a reinforcing material.The use of glass fiber glass plates is far more extensive than other types of fibers.It is used to manufacture reinforced plastics, glass fiber glass plates or reinforced rubber, reinforced gypsum and reinforced cement.Fiberglass glass plates are covered with organic materials Glass fiber can improve its flexibility, and it can be used to make packing cloth, window screen, covering cloth, protective clothing and insulation and sound insulation materials.

There are many places for decoration materials, but there are many types of materials. Glass materials are now more common. Through the introduction of the Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile wholesaler, everyone knows it. If you are interested in sound-absorbing ceilings, you can contact us.

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