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How Do Mineral Fiber Ceilings Distinguish Between Good And Bad?

Nov. 20, 2019

The main processes of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile are:

1. Before the construction of mineral fiberboard ceiling, it is necessary to carry out typesetting design. When the surrounding mineral fiber board is arranged, it is necessary to ensure more than 1/2 plate size. And should complete the construction of wall putty and paint.

2, measuring the pay-off line, the elastic line

The keel horizontal line is ejected on the wall according to the determined installation height. According to the arrangement of the main keel at the top of the room, the position of the hanging ribs is sequentially popped up and marked with ink lines.

3, installation of hanging ribs, keels, etc.

Drill the eye, install the expansion bolt and the hanging ribs, and install the hanging parts on the main keel according to the spacing of the hanging ribs in the longitudinal direction of the main keel.

After installing the main keel, install the T-shaped paint keel in turn, and the keel is installed to adjust the level of the keel and the squareness of the frame.

4. Install mineral fiber board

Lift the mineral fiber ceiling from the lower keel frame diagonally onto the keel and gently lower it. If it is a falling plate, ensure that the falling level is installed.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

So how do we distinguish between good and bad when buying mineral fiber ceilings? The Sound Absorption Ceilling Board supplier will tell you next.

1, look at the mineral fiber board material

Good mineral fiberboards must also use high-quality mineral fiber cotton. The slag used in the production of mineral fiberboard by some small manufacturers commonly found in the market is natural slag. It is easy to find that the mineral fiberboard made of it contains impurities and the weight is uneven. easily transformed.

When identifying the mineral fiber board, it is better to observe the mineral fiber quality from the side of the mineral fiber board exposed mineral fiber in detail, whether it is uniform, and whether the mineral fiber color difference is consistent. This is the basic method to distinguish the quality of mineral fiberboard.

2, look at the surface of mineral fiberboard

Mineral fiberboard will be surface treated during production. Regular manufacturers will polish the surface of mineral fiberboard and spray the surface. This is where the mineral fiber board shows its quality value. Because the cost of the latex paint used for spraying is different, some manufacturers will choose a cheaper and lower quality latex paint to spray, and the spraying process is also relatively simple. Even some mineral fiber board manufacturers want to make the surface of the mineral fiber sound absorbing board smooth and clean. The purpose of masking the impurities of the mineral fiber board is to use a batch putty method.

3, look at the mineral fiber board shape

The common mineral fiber board is 600*600 white, and the ceiling shape can be made relatively simple, and the high-quality mineral fiber board can also be used for many shapes. The surface of the mineral fiber board can be processed by many colors and shapes, such as black mineral fiber board, corrugated mineral fiber board, etc. The high-quality mineral fiber board can do some staggered shape, so that customers have more choices.

4, see the performance of mineral fiberboard

Mineral fiber board performance is the simplest standard for mineral fiber board. On the mineral fiber board sample label, the general manufacturer will be accompanied by the corresponding mineral fiber board information, including its sound absorption performance index, fire performance index, sound insulation performance index, moisture resistance index. Generally, the mineral fiber board manufacturers will issue a performance test report of the mineral fiber ceiling of the corresponding quality product to determine whether the mineral fiber board is good or not, and whether the required use standard can be achieved.

The above is how to identify the pros and cons of mineral fiber ceilings, have you learned? If you have a demand for mineral fiber ceilings, you can contact us, we can also provide you with Fiber Glass Ceilig Board, welcome you.

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