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Mineral Wool Ceiling Content

Mar. 09, 2020

At present, the mineral wool ceiling is a popular type of board in our board market. Not only is it superior in all aspects of performance, but its decoration effect is extremely significant. So, what are the advantages of mineral wool ceilings? How to install it? Next, the supplier of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board will introduce the advantages, uses and purchase of slag ceiling in detail for you.

Advantages of mineral wool ceiling

1. High efficiency and energy saving, light weight, no heavy feeling during use, giving people a feeling of safety and reassurance, which can reduce the weight of the building, and is a safety decorative material.

2. It also has good thermal insulation and flame retardant properties, the average thermal conductivity of mineral wool board is small, easy to keep warm, and the main raw material of mineral wool board is mineral wool, melting point is as high as 1300 ℃, and has high fire resistance.

3. Mineral wool board uses mineral wool as the main raw material for production, and mineral wool has well-developed micropores, which reduces sound wave reflection, eliminates echoes, and isolates floor board noise. The sound wave hits the surface of the material, part of it is reflected back, part of it is absorbed by the board, and part of it passes through the board into the back cavity, which greatly reduces the reflected sound, effectively controls and adjusts the indoor reverberation time, and reduces noise.

4. Can absorb and decompose toxic and harmful gases, can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in indoor living space. Adsorption contains excess water in the air, effectively improving the living environment.

5. The strong reflective ability of mineral wool can effectively improve indoor light, protect eyesight and eliminate fatigue.

6. Mineral wool sound-absorbing board has a variety of surface treatment forms, the board has a strong decorative effect, there are a variety of surface treatment methods, knurling, punching, coating, sand, etc., can also be formed by milling three-dimensional mineral wool board , The surface is made into large and small squares, different width and width stripes.

7. The added organic fiber is a processed and recycled product that is used for recycling old newspapers for recycling. It is 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances to the human body. Wastes from processing and old ceilings that complete the product life cycle can be recycled and reused, effectively reducing construction waste and avoiding environmental pollution.

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling uses:

1. For the sake of safety, currently, mineral wool ceilings are widely used in concert halls, theaters, recording studios, studios, conference rooms, stadiums, exhibition halls, KTV rooms, silent rooms, courts and other places. The main purpose is to use To fire prevention, sound absorption, etc.

2. There are also some sound-absorbing wall panels and ceilings for large-scale public buildings.

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling

Purchase of mineral wool ceiling

1.Look at the material of mineral wool board

When identifying mineral wool boards, it is best to observe the mineral wool quality in detail from the exposed mineral wool side of the mineral wool board, whether it is uniform, and whether the color difference of the mineral wool is consistent. This is the basic method to distinguish the quality of mineral wool board.

2. Look at the surface of mineral wool board

Mineral wool board will be surface treated when it is produced. Regular manufacturers will polish and treat the surface of mineral wool board. This is where mineral wool board shows its quality value.

3. Look at the performance of mineral wool board

The performance of the mineral wool board is the simplest standard to reflect the quality of the mineral wool board. On the sample label of the mineral wool board, most manufacturers will attach the corresponding information of the mineral wool board, including its sound absorption performance index, fire performance index, sound insulation performance index, moisture resistance Performance index, etc. Generally, the mineral wool board manufacturers are required to issue a performance test report of the mineral wool ceiling of the corresponding quality products to finally determine whether the mineral wool board is good or bad and whether it can meet the required use standards.

The above is the introduction of the mineral fiber ceiling by Fiber Glass Ceilig Board supplier.

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