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How to Distinguish the Quality of Mineral Fiber Ceiling?

Mar. 23, 2020

Mineral fiber ceilings are widely used in indoor ceiling environment of various buildings due to their good sound absorption, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and environmental protection. Compared with many gypsum boards, aluminum gusset boards, and calcium-silica boards, mineral fiber ceilings have irreplaceable advantages in indoor acoustic environmental control, product modeling, and comprehensive price-performance index, especially in tooling building ceilings. Common is a mineral fiber ceiling.

The commonly used sound-absorbing panels and ceilings in the market refer to mineral fiber ceilings, because of all ceilings, only mineral fiber ceilings have sound-absorbing performance. The mineral fiber ceiling is made of mineral particle fiber cotton as the main raw material, added with other raw materials, stirred and shaped, dried and cut, and embossed and sprayed. The main material of the mineral fiber ceiling is slag, which is a non-combustible material. Therefore, the mineral fiber ceiling has good fire insulation performance after molding. The mineral fiber ceiling brands on the market are different, and the production methods of various manufacturers are also different. The quality is also uneven, which has misled many consumers and caused many losses. So, how to distinguish the quality of the mineral fiber ceiling? What about the quality of mineral fiber ceilings? The supplier of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board will come to tell you.

First, look at mineral fiber ceiling materials

The production of mineral fiber ceilings must be controlled from raw materials. Good mineral fiber ceilings must also use high-quality mineral fiber cotton; and the slag used by some small manufacturers in the market to produce mineral fiber ceilings is natural slag, which is easy to find. The resulting mineral fiber ceiling contains impurities, is uneven in weight, and easily deformed. When identifying the mineral fiber ceiling, we observe the mineral wool quality in detail from the exposed side of the mineral fiber ceiling, whether it is uniform, and whether the color difference of the mineral wool is consistent. This is the basic method to distinguish the quality of mineral fiber ceilings.

Second, look at the surface of the mineral fiber ceiling

Mineral Fiber Ceiling will do surface treatment during production. Regular manufacturers will polish the surface of mineral fiber ceilings and spray paint the surface. This is where the mineral fiber ceilings show their quality value. Therefore, another criterion for judging the quality of the mineral fiber ceiling is to check whether the color difference of the surface spraying treatment is consistent, whether the back coating meets the standards, whether there will be adhesive mineral wool, and whether the surface has protrusions.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Third, look at the shape of the mineral fiber ceiling

Our common mineral fiber ceiling is 600 * 600 white. The ceiling shape that can be used is relatively simple, and high-quality mineral fiber ceiling can also be used for many shapes. The surface of mineral fiber ceilings can be treated with many colors and shapes, such as black mineral fiber ceilings, corrugated mineral fiber ceilings, etc. High-quality mineral fiber ceilings can be made in different layers to give customers more choices. And small mineral fiber ceiling manufacturers do not have this mineral fiber ceiling production design capabilities.

Fourth, look at the performance of mineral fiber ceiling

The performance of mineral fiber ceiling is a standard that simply reflects the quality of mineral fiber ceiling. On the mineral fiber ceiling sample label, general manufacturers will attach the corresponding information of mineral fiber ceiling, including its mineral fiber ceiling sound absorption performance index, fire performance index, and sound insulation performance index. , Moisture-proof performance index, etc. Generally, in engineering ceilings, mineral fiber ceiling manufacturers will be asked to issue performance test reports of mineral fiber ceilings of corresponding quality products to determine whether the mineral fiber ceiling can meet the required use standards.

In the selection of mineral fiber ceilings, we should not just look at the price, but also the quality of the mineral fiber ceiling products. Only good mineral fiber ceilings are more suitable for us. In the qualified mineral fiber ceiling, it is best to choose a more cost-effective. That's all for Rock Wool Pipe supplier.

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