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  • Rock Wool Pipe
  • Rock Wool Pipe

Product details

Density: 80-150kg/m3

Internal Diameter of rock wool pipe(mm): Φ22-1220

Smaller then Φ500mm whole Circular pipe

Thickness: (mm) 30-200

Quick details
Place of origin:

Heibei, china(mainland)

Brand name:BEIHUA
Model number:rock woolThermal conductive<0.032w/m.k
Max.use temperature:600Density:50-180kg/m3
Corrosion:Non-corrosiveCombustion performance:A1
Supply ability
Supply ability:300 ton/tons per day
Packaging Delivery
Packaging Details

1. plastic bag,carton and cacuum packing for mineral glass wool insulation

2. according to the customer's request for mineral glass wool insulation

Lead time:Quantity (Square Meters)1-10000>10000

Est, time(day)7To be negotiated


Rock wool pipe is a kind of insulation material mainly used for the insulation of various hot and cold water, natural gas and other pipelines. After the production of the silk wool, it needs to be manually processed into a tubular shape, and the solidification furnace is again forced to be solidified and shaped. Generally, the length of the rock wool tube is 1 meter.

2.Primary advantages

It is a new type of insulation, heat insulation and sound absorbing material.

It has a certain chemical stability and will not deliquesce even when used for a long time in wet conditions.

It does not contain fluorine (F-) or chlorine (CL), so rock wool has no corrosive effect on equipment and is a non-combustible material.

 Why should I buy?

Rock wool pipe is used for the insulation and heat insulation of various pipes, especially for the construction of small straight pipes.

Waterproof rock wool pipe is especially suitable for use in rainy and humid environments, with a moisture absorption rate of 5% or less and a drowning rate of 98% or more.3

3. What is the purpose of the rock wool pipe?

Rock wool Pipe is for tube heat and thermal insulation.

4.How to use rock wool pipe?

It must be coordinated by two people, one person will cut the insulation tube shell apart and the hands squeezed the pair of tube hard, and the other one is wrapped around the insulated outer material. When wrapping the iron sheet, the force should be even, the pressure should be flat, and the thickness should be consistent.

The iron sheet should be installed from the bottom to the top. The lap joint is riveted with 3×120mm galvanized rivets. The tank head and pipe: elbow, tee, variable diameter, etc., should maintain their original shape after heat preservation.

Where can rock wool pipe be used?

Rock wool pipes are widely used in the insulation of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile and other industrial boilers and equipment pipelines.

They are also used for the partition wall of the construction industry, the insulation of ceilings and interior and exterior walls, and various types of cold and heat insulation of pipes and hidden and exposed pipes.

Who might use this product

Contractors, metallurgic plants, chemical factories, textile factories, petroleum companies, etc.

Notes of using

The transportation and storage of tubular insulation materials should be protected to prevent damage, pollution and moisture. Cover measures should be taken during the rainy season to prevent flooding or rain. 

5. Specifications of rock wool pipe

1)Thickness: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm

2)Inner Diameter: 22mm, 27mm, 34mm, 43mm, 48mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 106mm, 114mm, 140mm, 169mm, 219mm, 273mm, 325mm, 356mm, 381mm, 406mm, 456mm, 483mm

Technical parameters

Thermal conductivity equation0.036+0.00015tmNormal   temperature
Fiber diameter4-7
Maximum applicable temperature600   centigrade
Moisture absorption rate<5GB5480

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