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Glass Wool Roll Felt Has Significant Sound Absorption And Sound Insulation

Dec. 06, 2019

Glass Wool Roll is a good thermal insulation material. The glass wool of our manufacturer is made by mixing uniform and slender glass fiber with high temperature adhesive. This roll felt product has good application performance. Glass wool roll felt has the characteristics of light weight, durability and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in the construction and other industries. The supplier of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board will introduce the main applications of this kind of roll felt.

Glass wool products can be made into various types of sandwich panels. Materials such as glass wool have very reliable properties. Therefore, the glass wool products produced by them are widely loved in the market. Most of the general glass wool products are used in industry. Plants, warehouses, box packaging, etc., or used in clean rooms, etc., are used everywhere in our surroundings.

Glass Wool Roll

Glass Wool Roll

The material of glass wool roll felt does not have its own decorative properties, so it needs to be made into other products. The most common is to use it as a perforated paper surface gypsum board. This board can fully reflect the sound absorption performance of glass wool. After the cotton is processed, it can also be made into some sound-absorbing ceiling boards and sound-absorbing Glass Wool Boards. Therefore, our glass wool roll felts are so popular and widely used. Glass wool roll felt is mainly used for interior wall compartments of high-grade buildings, ceilings, iron ducts or insulation of the inner walls of bellows, ships, metallurgy, industrial buildings, etc., as far as the current market is concerned, it has broad application prospects. . It is currently recognized as the most superior thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound absorbing material.

After the centrifugal glass wool began to enter the building decoration material market, it is gradually better for such sound absorption performance. Why is there such good sound absorption performance? The key is because of such thickness and density. It is the most critical to better reflect such an effect from such an air flow resistance.

First of all, the flow resistance of dead air in this process will also play a certain role in the air pressure or the speed of the air flow, and it is also a key factor that affects the basic absorption performance of glass wool. In such an air flow process, Is to achieve the best state for this sound absorption effect.

The density is mainly when the glass wool is used. After grasping such basic properties, gradually it can also achieve the best effect in the use process. It is a mode that is worthy of recognition. It is better in Used more in the construction industry.

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