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How To Use Glass Wool Roll Correctly?

Dec. 25, 2019

Glass Wool Roll is an artificial inorganic fiber. It can be made into wall panels, ceilings, space sound absorbers, etc. Glass wool belongs to a category of fiberglass. Can absorb a large amount of sound energy in the room, reduce the reverberation time, and reduce indoor noise. In the south, the temperature is low and the air is dry in winter. The installation of glass wool panels should be carried out in accordance with regular methods to ensure the construction quality.

Glass Wool Roll

Glass Wool Roll 

So how to use glass wool felt correctly? The supplier of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile will come to tell you next.

1. Make sure the corners are straight and vertical

The glass wool panels are interlocked at the yin and yang corners. The glass wool at the four corners of the door and window openings must not be spliced. 1 The requirements for the layout of the glass wool panel: According to the specification, the entire format (specification: 1200X600 is horizontal from bottom to top. / 2 board length staggered. Vertically staggered connection of fixed boards starting from the corners of the wall. The entire glass wool board should be cut to form a cut perpendicular to the board surface, and the same insulation board should be used at the corners of the wall to paste and fix. The edge straight line error should be less than 5mm, and the gap between the plates should not be greater than 2mm. The gap between the plates should be bonded with special tape.

2. Design the laying method of Glass Wool Board before use. Calculate the size and cut the material. The glass wool board should be laid in order.

3. The glass wool boards are connected to each other from top to bottom. When encountering door and window openings, the relevant atlas requirements shall be met.

4.Board anchoring and surface treatment

An electric hammer is used to drill holes in the outer wall, and anchoring: the depth of the device that installs the thermal insulation board anchor into the structural wall is not less than 25mm, and anchor bolts are used for anchoring. The plastic expansion bolt is installed and solidified, so that the glass wool board is tightly combined with the external wall surface. The anchoring point should be 1-2mm lower than the surface of the glass wool board after the anchoring point is arranged: the four corners of the glass wool board and the middle of the horizontal joints are provided with anchor points. The corners of the base wall are encrypted to a distance of 200mm and meet the requirements of design and related standards.

First of all, because the material itself has a certain degree of porosity, it results in a strong permeability of the material, and such an excellent permeability will prevent water from being excessively penetrated into the material Absorption, on the other hand, will also drain out water through such a permeability, thereby extending the life of the material and helping users save a certain amount of time and money. Of course, strong permeability can also make the air circulate more, thereby resisting the onset of strong winds to a certain extent, making the building more indestructible. Therefore, the material has strong durability and can prolong the service life of the material, thereby helping users save money and reduce economic burden.

Secondly, glass wool products also have strong thermal insulation properties. This kind of material can be used for buildings to provide a certain degree of thermal insulation. This is more beneficial than disadvantages in cold winters. It means that the permeability of this material is indeed worthy of guarantee. It is the cold wind that penetrates through the loose holes to ensure the strong thermal insulation.

In addition, this material also has thermal insulation properties, and the safety problem is greater than the sky. Especially in this world full of hidden safety hazards, the safety problem cannot be ignored. However, with this glass wool material, it can be effectively prevented The occurrence of a fire will provide an extra guarantee for the safety of our lives. In fact, there are many properties of this material, but in any case, it is definitely a wise choice to use this material in the construction industry.

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