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How To Effectively Preserve Glass Wool Panel?

Jul. 15, 2019

How do manufacturers who produce Glass Wool Panel save their glass wool panel to prevent them from getting wet or contaminated with dust? Our factory has produced kinds of glass wool panel,such as Rectangular Glass Wool Panel. We will choose a vacuum seal to better preserve them. So, we also recommend the method to you.

Rectangular Glass Wool Panel

Rectangular Glass Wool Panel

In the interior and exterior wall insulation projects of buildings, some Commercial Industry Glass Wool Panels are relatively common insulation materials. Its appearance is bright yellow, made of glass fiber as raw material, and there are many pores inside, which makes the glass wool board have good thermal insulation and sound absorption and noise reduction performance, which is the main reason why many thermal insulation projects favor it. Therefore, the demand for glass wool panels in the market is very large, especially now that the construction season of insulation projects is in the peak season, manufacturers need more mass production to meet consumer demand.

If the glass wool board produced by the manufacturer is stored in the warehouse, it is easily contaminated with dust or water. Therefore, the manufacturer uses a plastic bag to vacuum seal it, so that the contact between the air and the glass wool insulation board can be reduced, the cotton board can be prevented from absorbing moisture, and the cotton board can be contaminated with dust, and the space can be saved, which is a very good preservation method.

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