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The Installation Precautions of Glass Wool in the High Building

Jul. 19, 2019

Thermal Isolation Glass Wool, a board that is widely used in building wall insulation engineering. It is especially popular in winter. At present, there are many customers who install glass wool boards. The construction unit should pay attention to the following problems when installing at high altitude.

Thermal Isolation Glass Wool

Thermal Isolation Glass Wool

Although high-altitude installation of glass wool insulation boards will have measures such as safety ropes, windy weather often occurs in winter, which is still a great safety hazard for workers hanging on safety ropes. Also, some materials are very heavy, such as 30Kg Glass Wool Insulation, which is also a great safety problems for those workers who are in high-altitude. Therefore, the manufacturer does not recommend that the construction unit install the glass wool board at high altitude in high winds. If the construction period is tight, it is necessary to provide adequate protection measures for workers. Safety ropes, helmets, etc. are essential. These safety equipment should be inspected regularly. Workers must carefully confirm that there are no quality problems before they can be used.

Whether installing a glass wool board at high altitude or low altitude, apply a special adhesive to the cotton board. The winter is cold, the binder drying speed is fast, and it may take longer to install the cotton board at high altitude. Therefore, the construction unit should not apply too much cotton board at one time, and it is important to use the smear to ensure the sticking effect of the cotton board.

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