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Advantages Of Fiberglass Acoustic Ceilings (One)

Aug. 10, 2019

Here is a Customized Mineral Ceiling Board Supplier talking about advantages of fiberglass acoustic ceilings.

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Fiber Glass Ceiling Board

Fiber Glass Ceiling Board

1. Anti-fouling: The surface of the glass fiber acoustic ceiling is treated with special technology, smooth, waterproof, and it is not easy to accumulate dust. If the surface has external causes, the dirt can be treated with a damp cloth or an eraser. The K13 also has certain advantages in the sound insulation of the light-weight partition wall and guarantees that it will not fade. Even if you have used it for many years, it will last for a long time.

2. Moisture-proof: The raw materials are processed by the dry process of the technology. The fibers are directly sprayed by the centrifuge and then directly pressed by the press. The raw coal fibers are not hydrophilic. It is well known that although there are a lot of pores inside these materials, the products will not be wet due to the environment. The deformation, sagging, bloating, twisting, warping and other restrictions, after a number of tests prove that the product can be used in high temperature, high humidity and extremely harsh environment to maintain stable performance, in line with the highest requirements of moisture-proof products.

3. Antibacterial: especially suitable for wards, operating rooms, pharmaceutical workshops, laboratories and other health and safety requirements; higher places. The fiber-absorbing acoustic ceiling material is made of high-quality microfiber, the fiber is fine and long, not hydrophilic, and organic matter and microorganisms cannot survive and develop in the inorganic. The product is tightly sealed around the K13. The reason why the K13 has good sound insulation performance, the surface is smooth and not dusty, the fiber is long and soft, so it will not fall off the fiber. The back of the product is packaged in fiberglass woven fabric, which does not produce any fiber suction for the return air of the air conditioner.

4. Tone: acoustic adjustment. The fiber-absorbing ceiling changes the conventional design concept, so the thickness of the filling should be less than 50mm, which can make the function of a large hall diversified. When you design a theater, the sound-absorbing parts are not adjustable, that is, reverberation. The time is certain. Now our products can get and adjust the RT of your design hall. Adjust the different RT according to different activities so that your lecture hall can release academic speeches and hold cultural activities.

The advantage of the glass fiber sound absorbing ceiling is that it can achieve the effect of strong sound absorption in the whole frequency band, has a good decorative effect, and has good fireproof performance.

The quality of the glass fiber acoustic ceiling is very light. It is also a full-band strong sound absorbing material. It is suitable for long-span buildings such as stadiums, exhibition halls, large shopping malls and high-noise workshops. It can effectively reduce the indoor reverberation sound and make the environment quieter.

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