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  • Fiber Glass Suspend Hang Ceiling

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1.The internal structure of the glass fiber sound absorbing panel has a three-dimensional cross-network structure, the internal space is sufficient, the structure is firm, and the sound absorbing and noise-reducing ability can be improved. Compared with the ordinary sound absorbing panel, the sound absorbing effect can be improved while the internal moisture-proofing agent and the auxiliary moisture-proofing agent are added. It not only increases the resistance of the surface fiber, but also maintains the glass fiber sound absorbing panel, and can also adjust the indoor humidity and indoor environment.

2.The fabric sound absorbing panel is made according to the acoustic principle and consists of a soft fabric finish, a frame set and a sound absorbing cotton and a sound absorbing cloth. Insulation, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easy to dust, easy to cut, can be parquet, simple construction, good stability, impact resistance, high cost performance, etc., rich in a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of attraction decoration needs.



1.Sound absorption

2.Sound insulation

3.Heat insulation

4.Environmental protection

5.Flame retardant



1.The fiberglass board is a kind of high-density waterproof, fireproof, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating, ceiling-decorating material. Its high-quality glass fiber substrate is superior to general ceiling material. The decorative surface of the dusting seems like a piece of art.

2.Fiberglass panels are widely used sound-absorbing ceilings in school classrooms, noise reduction and echo ceilings on TV stations, flame-retardant ceiling partitions in tobacco factories, flame-retardant ceilings in furniture factories, sound-absorbing ceilings in theaters, etc.



1)Size: 595*595 mm

2)Size: 603*603 mm

3)Size: 600*600 mm

4)Thickness: 12 mm

5)Thickness: 15 mm

6)Thickness: 20 mm


Material: Torre faction compounded high density fiberglass wool

Surface: Various decorative fabrics

Fire-resistant: Class A, and finished board class B

Thermal resistant:≥0.4(m2.k/w)

Moisture-proof: Good dimensional stability and no sagging when the temperature is

below 40 °C and moisture is below 95%

Moisture rate:≤1%(JC/T670-2005)

Environmentally friendly: Both of the products and packages can be recycled.

Safety: limited of radionuclide in building materials

Specific activity of 226Ra:Ira≤1.0

Specific activity of 226Ra232Th,40K:Ira≤1.3


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