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The Repair Method Of Ceiling Leak

Aug. 19, 2019

Here is a Customized Mineral Ceiling Board Supplier talking about the repair method of ceiling leak.

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Fiber Glass Ceiling Board

Fiber Glass Ceiling Board

Ceiling leakage is also a common decoration problem, which not only affects home life but also is very troublesome to handle. What to do if the ceiling leaks, look at the ceiling leak solution.

At present, there are two kinds of treatment methods for ceiling leakage. The traditional waterproof trap and the latest CPC waterproof trap are very different. From the perspective of economy, time and construction convenience, the latest CPC waterproof trap Technology must be advanced.

From the perspective of waterproof trapping professional, the leakage of the building is generally caused by the damage or perforation of the waterproof layer. The traditional waterproof trapping method is to remove the tile or floor tile, re-create the waterproof layer, and then test the waterproof performance. Floor tiles or tiles. In the process of waterproofing and trapping, the cost of demolition of floor tiles, labor costs, the cost of newly purchased tiles, etc. add up to an average of 1600 yuan for an ordinary bathroom. With the most advanced CPC waterproof trapping technology, an ordinary bathroom material cost is roughly half of the ordinary, and labor costs can be waived. From the price point of view, CPC waterproof trapping technology should be affordable.

Two methods of waterproofing and trapping from the construction point of view, the traditional waterproof trapping steps are complicated, demolition of tiles, redoing the waterproof layer of the floor, doing waterproof performance test, re-laying the floor tiles or tiles. The step of CPC waterproof trapping is very simple. First, clean the floor. After the ground is completely dry, apply the CPC anti-leakage agent evenly to the ground until it is completely dry. From the construction point of view, CPC waterproof trapping technology is convenient and desirable.

From the time point of view, the latest CPC waterproof trapping technology has great advantages, the whole process can be completed in up to 3 days, and the traditional waterproof trapping technology takes at least one week. Time is the most important thing for business organizations, saving a small amount of money, and making big money back is also the trend of people. Therefore, from the time factor, CPC waterproof trapping technology is also the most reasonable.

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