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The More Bulk Density Of Rock Wool Board, The Better?

Jun. 27, 2019

Many people in today's society know Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe, and rock wool is inseparable from people's lives. It is everywhere in people's lives, but what is the weight of the rock wool board?

The weight of the rock wool board refers to the weight of a cubic meter of rock wool board. According to the requirements in the “Common Data Sheet for Construction”, the weight of the rock wool board should be between 120-130kg/square. If it exceeds, it means that the inorganic content in the production process exceeds the standard, then other standard values of rock wool board will also have problems.

The bulk density of the Yellow Rock Wool Pipe has a great relationship with its thermal conductivity and mechanical properties. The higher the bulk density of rock wool board, the greater the compactness of rock wool fiber, the larger the thermal conductivity, and the lower the thermal insulation effect, but the mechanical properties become larger and the tensile and compressive strengths increase. With the decrease of the bulk density of rock wool, the thermal conductivity of rock wool is reduced, the thermal insulation performance is improved (about 120kg/m3 is the inflection point of thermal conductivity and bulk density), but the mechanical properties are reduced, and the tensile strength and compressive strength are reduced.

Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe

The rock wool board is A1 grade non-combustible fireproof and heat insulating material, with high compressive and tensile strength, good dimensional stability, no thermal expansion and contraction, and aging resistance. It can be compatible with external wall systems. The material provides effective insulation and energy saving. Rock wool board is an important insulation material in our life, people use it more and more frequently, it brings many benefits to our life.

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