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What Are The Properties Of Insulation Materials Related To Those Factors?

Jun. 26, 2019

Here is 6 Mm Acoustic Mineral Ceiling Board manufacturer talking about What Are The Properties Of Insulation Materials Related To Those Factors

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The thermal insulation material is a kind of thermal insulation material, and the main functional function is applied to the insulation between the buildings and the friction of the contact surface. To understand the superior performance and advantages of thermal insulation materials, it is important to understand the composition of the insulation or the factors that affect the thermal insulation material.

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Thermal insulation materials are mainly affected by four factors, as described below.

(1) Thermal conductivity: As a thermal insulation material, the thermal conductivity is as small as possible. According to national standards, the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials should be less than 0.12/m.

(2) Bulk density: The bulk density (density) of the insulation material should generally be less than 600kg/m3. Generally, as the bulk density of the material decreases, the thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength decrease accordingly.

(3) Mechanical strength: The compressive strength should not be less than 3kg/cm2 so that the thermal insulation material will not be deformed or damaged under its own weight and external force.

(4) Water absorption rate: When the thermal insulation material absorbs water, it will increase its thermal conductivity and accelerate its corrosion to metal.

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