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Rock Wool Board Construction Essentials2

Apr. 25, 2019

As a Glass Wool Board Manufacturer, So let's continue what we did last time.

5. Construction should have the following conditions:

25 Mm Thickness Glass Wool Board

5.1. The treatment of the stratified layer of the base wall and its cement mortar and the installation of the embedded parts are completed.

5.2. The necessary construction equipment and labor protection supplies should be prepared.

5.3. Construction-specific scaffolding should be erected and qualified for a safety inspection. The distance between the scaffolding pole and the horizontal pole and the wall and the corner of the wall should meet the construction requirements.

5.4. The base wall should be solid and flat, the surface should be dry, no cracking, hollow drum, loose or pan-alkali, the bonding strength, flatness and verticality of the cement mortar leveling should be in accordance with (Quality Acceptance Specification for Building Decoration Engineering) GB50210 The requirements for the quality of ordinary plastering works.

6. During the construction of the outer wall insulation of rock wool board, the construction of the base layer and the construction environment temperature below 5 °C shall not be allowed. It is not allowed to be constructed in windy weather and rain or snow in the fifth or higher level. During construction and after construction, effective measures should be taken to prevent rainwater scouring and sun exposure, and protective layers should be made in time. If there is sudden rain during construction, measures should be taken to prevent rainwater from scouring the wall; winter construction should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards.

7. Before the construction of a large area, the same materials, construction methods, and techniques shall be used on the site to make the sample wall, and the construction may be carried out after confirmation by the relevant parties.

8. When using rock wool board construction, the operator should wear protective equipment, do occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.

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