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Mineral Wool Ceiling Construction Steps And Precautions

Nov. 04, 2019

The mineral wool board is made of slag wool as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of additives, after being compounded, formed, dried, cut, surface finished and sprayed, without asbestos, formaldehyde-free, heat-insulating and sound-proof, moisture-proof, and is an environmentally friendly product which is often used for Mineral Fiber Ceiling. This mineral wool board has good sound absorption, can improve sound quality, reduce noise, and good non-combustible performance to meet the fire protection design requirements of various types of buildings. What are the construction steps for mineral wool boards?

Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Ceiling

First, the construction steps

1. Elastic line: According to the ceiling design, the elevation ceiling line is used as the standard line for installation;

2, install the boom: according to the requirements of the construction drawings to determine the position of the boom, install the boom pre-buried Bo (angle iron), brush anti-rust paint, the boom is made of steel with a diameter of 8 diameter, hanging point spacing 900~1200mm . During installation, the upper end is welded to the pre-embedded year, and the lower end is spliced to the hanger. The exposed length of the installed end of the boom is not less than 3mm. ;

3, the installation of the main keel: the general use of C38 keel, the main keel spacing of the ceiling is 900 ~ 1200mm. When installing the main keel, the main keel hanging piece should be connected to the main keel, tighten the screw, and according to the requirements of the ceiling arch 1/200, check the flatness of the keel at any time. The main bones in the room are arranged along the long direction of the lamps, taking care to avoid the position of the lamps; the main keels in the corridor are arranged along the corridor in the short direction;

4. Install the secondary keel: the matching keel is made of painted T-shaped keel. The spacing is the same as the horizontal dimension of the plate. Hang the secondary keel through the hanging piece and hang it on the big keel;

5, the installation side keel: the use of L-shaped side keel, and the wall with plastic expansion tube self-tapping screws fixed, fixed spacing 200mm;

6. Concealed inspection: After the installation of water and electricity, water test, and pressure suppression, the keel should be concealed and inspected.

7. An decorative panel: The mineral wool board adopts the approved specification form, and the Minglong bone mineral wool board can be directly placed on the T-shaped paint keel. With the small keel of the Anban board, the operator wears white gloves to prevent pollution during installation.

After clearing the installation steps of the mineral wool board, what should I pay attention to when installing the mineral wool board? The 6mm Acoustic Mineral Ceiling Board Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Second, the matters needing attention

1. The construction of the suspended ceiling of mineral wool board should be configured according to the design requirements, according to different thickness requirements of the board, and different keel lifting systems;

2. The mineral wool ceiling belongs to the interior decoration product. Generally, the normal room temperature does not exceed 40°C during installation. After the indoor work such as indoor painting is completed, the construction environment is dry and ventilated, and the relative humidity meets the requirements of the product. It is recommended not to construct water;

3. The mineral wool board ceiling belongs to the final part of the interior decoration. It should be constructed after the concealed works of various pipelines, lamps, air-conditioning heating systems, doors and windows and glass are completed in the ceiling;

4. When installing the mineral wool board, in order to keep the surface of the mineral wool board clean, wear clean gloves for construction;

5, in order to ensure the color, the pattern is consistent, please pay attention to the production date outside the mineral wool board packaging, it is recommended to use the same batch of products in one indoor;

6. When the pasteboard is installed, please do not stick the plate to the painted surface to avoid the paint falling off or loose and damaged. The indoor temperature is kept at 10°C ~ 38°C. It is not suitable to lightly move after the glue is not fully cured after construction;

7. The environment containing chemical gas or vibration in the room should not be installed, and some chemical gases tend to make the surface of the mineral wool board yellow;

8. Do not cover the thermal insulation material on the mineral wool board. Excessive bearing weight may cause the mineral wool sound absorbing panel to sink.

9. Mineral wool board should not be used in high humidity areas. If there are special requirements for humid environment, please choose a product series with high moisture resistance index;

10. After installation, please keep it ventilated, clean and dry to prevent the mineral wool board from being damp or contaminated.

The above is the construction steps and precautions for mineral wool board. If you are interested in this, you can contact us. We have high quality Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board For Sale, welcome you.

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