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How About Mineral Wool Sound Absorbing Panels?

Nov. 09, 2019

For some users living in big cities, noise pollution has become a very common phenomenon. Therefore, more and more people tend to buy some sound-proof and sound-absorbing boards when they are doing room decoration. Noise has brought troubles to people. From the market in recent years, a new type of Sound Absorption Ceilling Board is a mineral wool sound-absorbing panel. It is welcomed by more and more people. What about the mineral wool sound-absorbing panels? Let's take a look at our glass fiberglass board manufacturers.

The surface treatment of mineral wool sound absorbing panels is rich, and the panels have strong decorative effects. There are a variety of surface treatment methods, such as knurling, punching, laminating, sanding, etc. It can also be milled into a three-dimensional mineral wool board, and the surface is made into large and small squares, different width and narrow stripes. There is also an embossed type mineral wool board which has been molded by stamping, has a beautiful surface pattern, and has a central flower, a cross flower, a walnut pattern, etc., and is a good decorative ceiling and wall profile. The mineral wool board has many ceiling structures and has matching keels with various ceiling forms. Such as easy replacement of plates, maintenance pipelines, simple and quick installation of Minglong bone hoisting; composite sealing method with good thermal insulation performance, flexible combination of multiple patterns in the same plane and space; no keel, freely openable insertion Lifting, etc., can be selected according to the needs of the owner, and the price is equivalent to the price of other ceiling materials. So what are the advantages of mineral wool sound absorbing panels?

The biggest advantage of mineral wool board is its good sound absorption. This Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile has excellent sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics, so it is widely used in life as a porous structure board. The fibers make up a myriad of tiny holes that allow a part of the sound to be reflected back and a part to be absorbed, thus effectively insuring the entry of outside noise. The fireproof performance is outstanding. Because it is made of mineral wool as the main material, and this material is a kind of high temperature resistant and otherwise, the mineral wool sound absorbing panel is also a very good fireproof material, which can effectively prevent it. The spread of fires prevents the fire from continuing to expand. The quality is small, the decoration is excellent, and it has certain advantages in decoration. Its surface can be knurled, punched, covered, sanded, and it can also emboss various shapes on the surface, very Aesthetic. It is an energy-efficient building material with light weight. It is generally controlled between 180-450kg/m3. It has no heavy feeling during use. It gives people a feeling of safety and peace of mind. It can reduce the building's own weight and is a kind of safety material. At the same time, the mineral wool board also has good thermal insulation performance, the average thermal conductivity of the mineral wool board is small, easy to keep warm, and the main raw material of the mineral wool board is mineral wool, the melting point is up to 1300 ° C, and has high fire performance.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

In addition, it also has certain disadvantages. The sound absorption and sound insulation effects of mineral wool boards often need to be reduced in density to make them hollow; or punching, these methods can significantly reduce the strength of the mineral wool board, resulting in easy damage during lifting. The surface of the mineral wool board is white, which is susceptible to yellowing due to the influence of other volatile solvents. It is recommended to hoist at the end of the decoration.

Due to the uneven coating process, the problem of chromatic aberration is more prominent, and you should check the color yourself when purchasing. Sanding boards and embossed sheets are often dusty and are not recommended for use in wet environments.

The above is the introduction of mineral sound-absorbing panels. I hope that everyone can use them according to their own needs. In addition to the mineral sound-absorbing panels, the sound-absorbing panels also have Fiber Glass Ceilig Board, which also have the same sound-absorbing properties. You can also use these products.

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