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How To Make Glass Wool Felt?

Apr. 19, 2019

Here is Thermal Isolation Glass Wool Factory talking about How to make glass wool felt.

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The whole craftsmanship of glass wool felt is more complicated. We need to integrate vertically with the entire felt when cutting. We keep the roll felt fixed when we help the corners. We need to check after using the plastic bag. clear. If there is damage, it should be replaced in time. The construction of the whole glass wool needs to be completed according to the rigorous steps. It should be completed with the plastic bag before the top is fixed with the stone. This way, the whole method can be well maintained. The glass wool felt is not made by the influence of the outside wind and rain.

Thermal Isolation Glass Wool Factory

If we use the practice on the roof side, it is also cautious. One is to ensure the recognized professionalism and safety before the project is carried out. The general glass wool felt is the key technical means to do the insulation wall. The insulation layer and the structural layer should be consistent with each other, and it is also necessary to ensure that the whole effect is opened vertically. In the glass wool, the glass wool is not interlaced. It not only has the heat preservation function but also its own sound absorption function. This has long been the potential market for glass wool felt, which promotes good environmental impact in sound insulation, heat preservation, sound absorption, tolerance, vibration reduction, etc. Customized a healthy environment, there is a lot of construction and transportation equipment, and it is very worthwhile to use it in terms of effects.

Many buildings nowadays are equipped with glass wool. Its main insulation and sound absorption function greatly complete the technical breakthrough. The general buildings are more practical in terms of energy consumption. Under the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, In some areas, there is an increase in the number of areas. China attaches great importance to the energy conservation of buildings. It is necessary to improve the use of glass wool in this respect. For comprehensive energy conservation measures, it is necessary to meet the international requirements and the energy conservation of developed countries in environmental protection. Making a contribution also lays a good foundation for our own owens glass wool, allowing the product to continue to grow in innovation and improvement.

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