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What Is The Construction Method For Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile?

Jul. 29, 2019

1. Before the construction of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile, it is necessary to carry out typesetting design. When the surrounding mineral wool board is arranged, it is necessary to ensure more than 1/2 plate size. And should complete the construction of wall putty and paint

2. Measuring the pay-off line, the elastic line

The keel horizontal line is ejected on the wall according to the determined installation height. According to the arrangement of the main keel at the top of the room, the position of the hanging ribs is sequentially popped up and marked with ink lines.

To ensure that the distance between the slings is between 900 and 1200mm, the first row of slings is less than 300mm from the wall, and that the slings in the direction of the main keel are in a straight line, and the main keel is usually placed along the length of the room.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

3. Installation of hanging ribs, keels, etc,.

Drill the eye, install the expansion bolt and the hanging rib. The general ceiling is Φ8 hot-dip galvanized all-wire sling. Install the hanging parts on the main keel according to the distance between the hanging ribs in the length direction of the main keel. The distance between the main keels is 900-1200, and it should be installed parallel to the length of the room. At the same time, the arch should be arched and the cantilever section should not exceed 300. Otherwise the boom should be added.

After installing the main keel, install the T-shaped paint keel in turn, and the keel is installed to adjust the level of the keel and the squareness of the frame.

4. Install mineral wool board

Lift the mineral wool ceiling from the lower keel frame diagonally to the keel and gently lower it. If it is a falling plate, ensure that the falling level is installed.

If the falling plate needs to be cut around the plate, if it is an L-shaped keel, you need to cut the mineral wool board as the falling edge. If it is a W-shaped keel, you do not need to cut the mineral wool board. Level edge.

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