Calcium Silicate Board

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Fireproof Calcium Silicate Ceiling Board

  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles Fireproof Calcium Silicate Ceiling Board
  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles Fireproof Calcium Silicate Ceiling Board

Product details

Calcium silicate board is a new type of environmentally friendly building material in recent years. In addition to the functions of traditional gypsum board, it also has the advantages of superior fire resistance, moisture resistance and long service life. It is widely used in ceilings and partition walls of industrial, commercial buildings, home decoration, furniture lining board, billboard lining board, warehouse shed board, network floor and tunnel wall board for indoor projects. Fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board is a new type of lightweight board that is mainly made of calcium materials, siliceous materials and other cementing materials and reinforced fibers as the main raw materials, through molding and high-pressure steam curing.

In terms of application, calcium silicate board for construction has the characteristics of light weight, non-combustibility, heat insulation, small dry and wet deformation and good processing performance, and can be used as composite wall panels and lightweight partition walls under various conditions. The board is especially suitable for the interior and exterior wall panels of composite walls, the partition wall panels of public buildings and civil buildings, as well as suspended ceilings and ceilings. Fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board has better moisture resistance, so it is also suitable for humid environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and basements. At the same time, the fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board is also suitable for movable floors, and can be used in computer rooms, warehouses and warehouses with fire-proof and moisture-proof requirements.

1. The basic material layer is white fiber cement board or calcium silicate board;

2. The surface decoration layer is painted, embossed or covered with PVC;

3. The thickness is usually 5mm, 6mm;

4. Size 595x595mm or 603x603mm;

Advantages of calcium silicate ceiling:


1. Environmental protection;                      2. Fire protection;
3. Moisture-proof;                                      4. Anti-corrosion;
5. Light weight;                                          6. High strength;
7. Thermal insulation;                                8. Sound insulation;
9. Not easy to deform;                             10. Easy to construct.

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