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What Is Industrial Noise?

Jun. 03, 2019

As a Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Supplier, we will discuss What is industrial noise with you.

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Industrial noise refers to the noise generated by the factory during the production process due to mechanical vibration, frictional impact, and airflow disturbance. For example, the noise generated by air compressors, blowers and boiler exhausts in chemical plants is caused by air vibration. The noise generated by ball mills, pulverizers, and looms is mechanical noise caused by mechanical vibration or frictional impact of solid parts. Due to a large number of industrial noise sources and scattered, the type of noise is more complicated, and the continuous sound source of production is difficult to identify, and it is quite difficult to manage.

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1. The short-term effect of noise below 130dB is mainly to interfere with people's work, rest and speech communication.

2. Noise above 130dB can cause earache and tympanic membrane damage;

3. Strong noise above 165dB can make the eardrum membrane perforate and cause other damage to the body.

4. Prolonged occupational exposure to noise above 85~90dB can cause speech impairment in workers. In addition, it can cause autonomic disorders such as poor sleep, headache, tinnitus, and cardiovascular dysfunction.

5. Even exposures of more than 110 dB of noise, even for prolonged periods of time, can cause permanent hearing damage to some people.

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