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Teach You to Easily Solve the Color Problem of Mineral Wool Ceiling Decoration

Jan. 25, 2020

In ceiling decoration, often our first reaction is not to consider what shape the ceiling uses, how much distance to hang, or what plate to use, but what color the ceiling needs to use as a whole! Especially in public decorative ceilings, the color of ceilings must be considered.

So, how to choose the color of the mineral wool ceiling in the ceiling of the specific plate type? In response to this problem, Suspended Ceiling T Grid M Manufacturer has the following three tips to help you quickly choose the color of mineral wool ceiling.

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling

The first trick, always remember that the ceiling color is not darker than the floor. At this point, the mineral wool ceiling is very easy to solve, because Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling is more used in the company's decorative ceilings, and white mineral wool boards are often used to set off the indoor space. In home decoration ceilings, we often use many other types of ceiling boards, choose more colors to match the beautiful indoor ceiling effect, and achieve a comfortable and beautiful home effect. This is our most commonly used integrated ceiling.

Here we should note that when the ceiling of the room is not high, the ceiling color should be lighter, preferably the lighter and lighter color, because in an empty room, the ceiling will feel higher, This white ceiling is the best. Under the condition of natural light in the room, affected by different reflections of light and people's natural visual habits, the floor will be the brightest, then the wall, and then the ceiling will be the darkest. And on the ceiling, many other devices are usually installed, such as chandeliers, air conditioners, smoke detectors, etc. This will make people feel the ceiling dim and easily give people a sense of oppression. Therefore, unless special circumstances require, choose a lighter color ceiling.

The second trick, the ceiling color should match the overall space atmosphere and environment. Although in most cases, the choice of white ceiling color is the most common. However, in different use environments, the indoor atmosphere added by the color of the ceiling must also be considered to create a better living room effect. For example, if the cinema wants to achieve a more ideal viewing effect, it will choose black on the ceiling; or in a more mysterious and classic environment, choose a purple ceiling; in the home interior, for a warm and comfortable feeling, choose a red ceiling Ceiling and so on. In this regard, more consideration should be given to the color of the wall and floor and the main color of the furniture in the indoor environment to match the color of the ceiling, so that it does not look too obtrusive, uncomfortable and oppressive.

The third measure, the color of the ceiling should consider the light intensity of the ceiling. Indoor ceilings need to consider the issue of lighting angles and people's natural visual habits. The ceiling itself is less affected by light. The reflection of light is not as strong as that of floors and walls. People indoors are used to looking at objects from an overhead perspective. In terms of lighting angle, we must consider the height of the ceiling, which is actually the light refraction effect formed by the ceiling and the wall. In actual ceilings, it is recommended to use light-colored boards if the height of the ceiling is lower than 250 cm. If the height is higher than 250 cm, a board of the same color as the wall can be appropriately used. Do not use a ceiling that is too bright. Choosing a lighter color than the wall surface can make people feel "higher and farther away" and more comfortable.

The indoor ceiling is a big project. Choosing the right ceiling color and ceiling board will take a lot of effort. In order to allow us to locate the color of the interior building materials, we save more time, so it is best to inspect various materials while selecting The color and shape that the board can make. Especially for the relatively conventional and lightweight Sound Absorption Ceilling Board, such as mineral wool ceilings, the color of mineral wool boards produced by various manufacturers is also very different. Choose your favorite ceiling color to make your life more comfortable.

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