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The Difference Between Rock Wool And Aluminum Silicate

Jun. 19, 2019

Among the current Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe materials, the most commonly used thermal insulation materials are aluminum silicate insulation materials and rock wool. They all have certain thermal insulation effects, but the prices of these two products are very different. So what are the differences between the two products?

Aluminosilicate: It is produced by hard clay clinker as raw material, melted by electric resistance or arc furnace, and blown into the fiber. Aluminum silicate is an aluminosilicate, trait: colorless crystal. Low thermal conductivity Excellent thermal and chemical stability without binders and corrosive substances. Used to make high temperature resistant fireproof insulation cotton, board, pipe, seam glue, fire insulation cloth, high-temperature resistant paper, refractory insulation rope, belt, fire insulation needle blanket (with silk, blowing), brick, inorganic Fireproof decorative board, stepless fire shutter, etc.

Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe

Used in glass, ceramics, pigments and paints, aluminum silicate is an ideal substitute for titanium dioxide and high-quality kaolin in coatings. It is widely used in paints, leather, printing, and dyeing, ink, paper, plastics, rubber, etc.

Yellow Rock Wool Pipe are made of high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After meeting at a temperature of above 1450 °C, they are centrifuged into fibers at high speed and high speed using internationally advanced four-axis centrifuges. At the same time, certain binders and dust-proof oils are sprayed. After the water agent is collected by the cotton collecting machine, it is solidified and cut by the pendulum method and the three-dimensional method, and the rock wool products of different specifications and uses are formed.

Rock wool products belong to Class A1 fireproof grade, and it is the main energy-saving material in the internationally recognized ''Fifth Conventional Energy') with its excellent fireproof and heat insulation properties. It is insulated for every ton of rock wool products used in construction, at least once a year. It can save energy equivalent to 1 ton of oil, meets the trend of low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, so it is an ideal building insulation material.

Rockwool is generally used in nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, large kiln insulation, exterior insulation of buildings, roof and curtain wall insulation, and insulation belts. Cabin onboard the bathroom, crew lounge power warehouse, vegetable, melon, flower, factory, soilless cultivation.

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