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Rock Wool 4 Major Application Areas

May. 21, 2019

Rock Wool Pipe originated in Hawaii. After the first volcanic eruption on the island of Hawaii, the inhabitants of the island found a rock on the ground that melted and softened. This is the rock wool fiber that was originally recognized by humans

The production process of Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe is actually simulated. In the natural process of Hawaii's volcanic eruption, Rockwool products use high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials.

Thermal Conductive Rock Wool Pipe

After being melted at a temperature above 1450 °C, they are centrifuged into fibers at a high speed using an internationally advanced four-axis centrifuge. The agent, the dustproof oil and the water repellent are collected by the cotton collecting machine, passed through the pendulum method, and the three-dimensional method is used for the cotton to be solidified and cut to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses. In modern society, new rockwool materials have been widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, petroleum, agriculture, machinery, light industry, textile, military, transportation, warehousing, and other industries. Various buildings, industrial furnaces, boilers, heat exchangers, distillation towers, storage tanks, cold storage flue, pipes, valves, fans, air conditioners, vehicles and ships, as well as the development of modern defense, aerospace, and atomic energy technologies are all This new type of multi-functional material for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction. 1. Building energy efficiency

Since 2009, the application of rock wool in the construction field has developed rapidly. From the original annual production capacity of fewer than 200,000 tons, it has quickly reached an annual production capacity of nearly 2 million tons. The quality of its products has been greatly improved with the introduction of GB/T25975-2010 "rock wool products for exterior wall insulation of buildings", which has also greatly improved, reaching or exceeding the level of similar products in Europe. As a Class A fireproof material, rock wool is widely used in exterior insulation systems. In foreign countries, mature product standards and system certification guidelines have been formed. In China, rock wool is used as a building insulation material, especially in the fields of public buildings and high-rise buildings and civil buildings where fire protection is required. The application volume has been steadily increasing.

The application of rock wool in construction mainly includes three kinds of application forms such as external wall insulation, fire isolation belt, and roof insulation.

Among them: External wall insulation system. Newly built, expanded and remodeled residential buildings and public buildings for energy saving and insulation projects for building energy saving 50% and 65%, as well as industrial building insulation and existing building energy-saving insulation projects, especially suitable for fire protection requirements and high insulation and energy saving requirements Public building insulation works.

Fire barrier. Carrying and separating the molten insulation material, controlling the total amount of combustibles in the separation zone; preventing the flame spread inside the system; improving or maintaining the structural stability of the system protection surface layer. Under fire conditions, it can prevent or slow down the fire source from attacking the internal and external thermal insulation system of the directly fired area and can prevent the flame from propagating outward through the external thermal insulation system, and at the same time maintain the stable existence of its own fire-proof structure. Effectively prevents the spread of flame inside the system.

1. Roof insulation system

High-strength fire-resistant rock wool board is used as building roof insulation layer and load-bearing layer, and is combined with flexible waterproof membrane, vapor barrier layer and system fasteners. It is often used in industrial plants, airports, shopping malls and stadiums. And steel structures such as storage facilities or concrete flat roofs. The system is suitable for various climatic conditions and is a new roofing system with safe fireproofing, high efficiency and energy saving and sound absorbing and soundproofing functions.

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