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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Ceiling?

Aug. 27, 2019

Find here details of Mineral Fiber Ceiling. We are a professional Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Saler.

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Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Mineral Fiber Ceiling

1. Comparison of ceiling capabilities. No matter the company's most basic ability to use the ceiling to achieve cooling and heating, but the ceiling is different, the company's central air conditioning can be used according to the fresh air system, so as to achieve outdoor and outdoor gas exchange protection gas clean and clean.

2. The ceiling air supply is comfortable. The ceiling area of the company is large and refreshing, and does not cause heat dead angles and temperature differences. The outdoor temperature is comfortable, while the overall disc spring area is small and the temperature is not easy to reduce. There is a heat dead angle, the outdoor temperature difference is not uniform, and the comfort is Not too high.

3. The appearance of the ceiling. Hisense's monolithic ceiling will inevitably destroy most of the modified models of the house, and the company uses a central air-conditioning system to implement a hidden installation, which can be excellently integrated with life decoration, and can be used in any model.

4. Ceiling power consumption. The company installed several integrated disc springs. If the power consumption is not low at the same time, it is not very different from the company's ceiling.

5. Ceiling cleaning costs. The cleaning of Hisense's integrated disc springs is very casual, basically as long as it is a regular cleaning of the filter.

6. The initial investment in the ceiling. Comparing the company's initial investment in central air conditioning and integrated disc springs, the company's central air conditioning is much more expensive.

7. The ceiling life. The company's central air conditioner has a service life of around 17-22 years, and the overall disc spring is around 8-9 years.

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