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A Glass Wool Board Production Process

Apr. 08, 2019

Here is Glass Wool Roll Manufacturer talking about A Glass Wool Board Production Process

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As the most important refrigeration machine in air conditioners, stainless steel coolers are far more prone to bacteria than air conditioners, causing smudging. Most of the bacteria are hidden in the fins of the stainless steel cooler and the fins. The evaporator fins are often treated in a wet state, which is easy to breed algae, accumulate dirt, block the drain pipe and the evaporator fins, so that the operation efficiency of the stainless steel air cooler which is easy to operate also starts to decrease, and the power consumption of the air conditioner increases. The rate is increasing. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the stainless steel cooler is a very important thing. Let Xiaobian take everyone to see how to clean the stainless steel cooler.

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1. Before cleaning the stainless steel cooler, turn on the air conditioner for 15 minutes, so that the stainless steel cooler will start to cool, and use the stainless steel cooler evaporator to generate condensation. Then turn off the air conditioner and turn off the power to ensure that the operation of cleaning the stainless steel cooler is absolutely safe.

2. Hold the recessed area on both sides of the air conditioner by hand and open the outer casing of the air conditioner. Remove the filter and use it to clean the stainless steel cooler. If the stainless steel cooler has more dirt, spray the filter with a professional stainless steel cooler foam cleaner and dry it with a soft cloth. If there is heavy dirt on the fins of the evaporator, you need to remove it first with a fine brush. Then take out the small tube attached to the bottle of the detergent, insert it on the nozzle, and spray it evenly from left to right onto the surface of the aluminum heat transfer fin on the fin of the evaporator to ensure that the cleaning foam completely covers the surface of the evaporator. The foam cleaner is then completely permeable to the reaction, fully disintegrating the dirt on the evaporator fins.

3. Reinstall the stainless steel cooler and filter, and cover the air conditioner casing, then gently wipe the air conditioner panel with a soft cloth and warm water. Turn on the air conditioner and adjust the air volume and cooling capacity to the maximum. Keep the air conditioner on for 10-20 minutes to allow the sewage to drain from the drain. To avoid some foam and dirt from the air outlet, cover the air outlet with a towel.

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